Prince Harry’s bombshell book expected to share true feelings for Camilla Parker Bowles

Prince Harry at the WellChild Awards in 2018.
Prince Harry’s new book expected to share his true feelings about Camilla Parker Bowles. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry’s new book will share his true feelings about his stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Harry and Meghan have been silent since the Queen’s announcement that Camilla will be made future Queen Consort. 

Harry’s new book is set to release later this year and is expected to contain personal details of his life and opinions regarding members of the royal family.

Harry will reveal his true feelings in his new book 

Since Queen Elizabeth made the bombshell announcement that she would like Camilla to be future Queen Consort, Harry has not publicly congratulated her or shared an opinion about her.

He did, however, use his most recent public appearance to pay tribute to his late mother, Princess Diana. 

During an appearance on a video call with former rugby captain Gareth Thomas, Prince Harry spoke about the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding HIV testing and his mother’s legacy regarding her work destigmatizing HIV. 

His silence about Camilla “speaks volumes,” one of Harry’s friends told Mirror

The friend said, “Although tensions have eased between the two of them over the years, it was more for a show of unity than a close relationship.”

They claimed, “There were big problems at the start but as Harry and his brother William aged and matured, things got better and they can now co-exist as adults. They were never close with her and they still aren’t.”

His friend added, “He has got lots to say about it. People think he’s keeping a low profile to respect the family but it’s not that. He’s writing a book. He’s got a multi-million-pound book deal and he’s keeping a lot of his opinions for that.”

Harry’s friend warned, “Just wait for the book to come out because that will shake the monarchy to the core.”

Prince Harry’s biographer notes that he’s changed 

Recently, Harry’s biographer, Angela Levin, opened up about the changes she’s noticed in the prince and how that could impact his memoir. 

“I spent over a year with Prince Harry: he was charismatic, he was intuitive like his mother, brilliant with people who had been amazed physically or mentally, very funny. There was the occasional dark cloud that came over him, you could see that he had difficulties in his life but he was terrific, I really enjoyed every minute I spent with him,” she said.

She claimed, “Now he is bitter, he is angry, he feels hard done by, which is astonishing for somebody who is living in a million-pound house with 16-toilets.”

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