Royal expert alleges Prince William is ‘short-tempered’ and ‘difficult’

Prince William's face pictured up close
Prince William allegedly has a short temper. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Life as a royal may be challenging, and some claim that Prince William’s attitude may reflect this.

Author Robert Jobson recently released a royal book titled Our King: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed.

The book comes before the coronation of King Charles III, which takes place at Westminster Abbey next month.

With royal stories on the rise, leading up to the coronation ceremony, Jobson’s novel includes details about soon-to-be King Charles III.

In the book, Jobson spoke about King Charles and the heir to the throne, his son, Prince William.

Naturally, comparisons of the father-son duo were topics of discussion. Specifically, the temperaments of the King and Prince, including rumblings of short-tempered natures.

Royal expert suggests Prince William is ‘short-tempered’ and ‘difficult’ in new book

Robert Jobson shared from a source in the new King Charles III book that Charles and William had tempers. The difference, however, was the ability to forgive and forget.

The source said, “The Boss (Charles) has a temper, too, but it does not go on and on. He can get frustrated and flare up and then, in an instant, it is forgotten about. With William, it is rarely forgotten.”

This book took a different tone than some previous writings because it suggested that Prince William and Prince Harry were “difficult,” more so than their father, King Charles.

A source told Jobson that Charles feared that Prince Harry and Prince William were “both strong-willed, stubborn even; conflict would be very difficult to manage and could have a detrimental impact on the monarchy itself.”

Additionally, the source suggested that Charles’ sons displayed belligerence toward each other and against him.

They continued, “That can make William short-tempered when dealing with Charles.”

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time that speculation regarding Prince William’s short-tempered demeanor has occurred.

Prince Harry detailed Prince William’s alleged short-tempered nature in Spare

In his bombshell book Spare, Prince Harry detailed never-before-revealed stories from his life as a royal. He detailed emotional moments, like when his father, Prince Charles, dubbed him a “spare.”

Prince Harry also spoke about the deterioration of his relationship with Prince William, culminating in an alleged physical confrontation.

The two reportedly had a physical altercation at Harry’s Nottingham Cottage residence in 2019. Harry described his emotions after the event that left him with scrapes. He claimed to see a “red mist” in William, the same extreme anger he saw in himself.

The Duke of Sussex also claimed that the new Prince of Wales was unhappy with his partner, Meghan Markle.

Ultimately, Prince Harry expressed sadness regarding the fracture in his relationship with his brother.

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