Rebel Wilson’s coming out story bittersweet as Australian publisher admits plans to out her

Rebel Wilson photo
Rebel Wilson has a new relationship with a woman. Pic credit: © Sangiuliano/Landmark-Media

Rebel Wilson recently came out after announcing she is dating Ramona Agruma; however, an Australian newspaper columnist said the outlet originally planned to expose their relationship.

On Friday, Wilson said she had found her “Disney princess” as she shared a selfie with her love interest on Instagram.

The Sydney Morning Herald revealed the following day it had known about the relationship before it was public and had given Wilson two days to comment.

Aussie journalist responds to Rebel Wilson’s relationship revelation

In an opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald by columnist Andrew Hornery, he wrote that he requested a comment from Revel about her relationship with girlfriend Ramona Agruma, before she revealed their romance on June 9.

“It was an abundance of caution and respect that this media outlet emailed Rebel Wilson’s representatives on Thursday morning giving her two days to comment on her new relationship with another woman, LA leisure wear designer Ramona Agruma, before publishing a single word,” he wrote, continuing:

“Big mistake. Wilson opted to gazump the story, posting about her new ‘Disney Princess’ on Instagram early Friday morning.”

Hornery went on to criticize the actress for revealing her relationship before the newspaper could publish the story. He wrote, “Considering how bitterly Wilson had complained about poor journalism standards when she successfully sued Woman’s Day for defamation, her choice to ignore our discreet, genuine and honest queries was, in our view, underwhelming.”

The paper was criticized for claiming they were not trying to out Rebel Wilson.

A BBC journalist Megha Mohan was “astonished” that the paper would complain that Wilson chose to announce her relationship.

A viral tweet accuses the outlet of forcefully outing the comedian.

Rebel Wilson responds to the newspaper’s claim

Rebel Wilson responded to a tweet linking to the Sydney Morning Herald story criticizing her decision to announce her same-sex relationship.

A 10 First News journalist wrote a tweet criticizing the paper. The tweet read, “So apparently it wasn’t @RebelWilson’s choice to come out… The @smh/@theage have admitted to giving her a heads up 2 days in advance that they were going to “out” her. What’s worse, openly gay men at the Sydney Morning Herald were involved in this.”

Wilson responded by thanking the writer for her support and explaining how the story affected her relationship, writing:

“Thanks for your comments, it was a very hard situation but trying to handle it with grace ?.”

The actress announced the news by taking a selfie with Ramona on her Instagram.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess ???#loveislove,” she wrote in the caption.

Wilson previously dated British actor Matt Lucas and was briefly linked to Jacob Busch.

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