Rebel Wilson granted restraining order against ‘delusional’ man who thinks they have a son together

Rebel Wilson on the red carpet
Rebel Wilson had to deal with a man who claims to have a child with the actress. Pic credit: ©

Actress Rebel Wilson has been granted a restraining order against a man who she claims is “delusional” after he turned up at her home and claimed to have a 20-year-old son with the actress.

Court documents obtained by TMZ allege that along with making the claim in a handwritten letter, the man repeatedly showed up to Wilson’s LA property to leave other notes and small gifts.

Rebel Wilson claims 39-year-old man has been harassing her for the past few months

According to the legal documents, Rebel said that the letter from the man went into detail about what happened on a night they supposedly met at a club in 2001.

After talking for a bit, he claims they ended up kissing. He then went on to write, “we both know what happened thereafter.”

Rebel says in the documents that she has never even met the guy and that everything in the note is completely false.

The documents also said the man dropped off gifts and letters for their imaginary son, including a stuffed penguin holding a small card that reads, “love.”

Rebel’s lawyer Susan Haber filed a request for a temporary restraining order against the man. The order was granted and he is now required to stay 100 yards away from her and avoid any contact whatsoever.

Rebel Wilson’s open struggle with fertility

Wilson does not currently have any children and has been very vocal about her own fertility issues.

In an interview with the BBC, Wilson explained that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome at age 20. She said the diagnosis caused her to gain a significant amount of weight rapidly, leading to fertility issues.

Wilson said that she froze her eggs, but because of her condition, the quality of her eggs wasn’t good enough to sufficiently work. She went on to say that she is still pursuing her fertility journey, but doesn’t allow herself to get too hopeful.

She also opened up about her struggles publicly on Instagram last year, stating she woke up to bad news regarding fertility issues. “The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes it all doesn’t make sense… but I hope there’s light about to shine through the dark clouds,” she wrote.

Although fertility is a sensitive subject for most, Rebel continues to be an inspirational figure to others who may be going through similar issues.

The Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids star has been recently recognized for her dramatic weight loss — a journey that she began in 2020 to get her health on track.

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