Rebel Wilson weight loss: Star hits out over Vogue photoshop claims

Rebel Wilson Vogue Australia Twitter
Rebel Wilson has hit back at claims her pictures for Vogue Australia were Photoshopped. Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

There are a lot of things that can be said about Rebel Wilson — but don’t accuse her of using Photoshop to edit her pictures. That’s what happened recently when her new Vogue cover hit and Rebel debuted a much slimmer figure. After accusations of a digital slimdown, the Pitch Perfect star pitched those claims right back.

It all started when Rebel posted a picture of her Vogue Australia cover and revealed what an “amazing experience” it had been for her. In the photo, Rebel looked stunning. She was wearing a full-length black ball gown and a full-length brown coat over the top of it. Even covered in clothes, Rebel was immediately accused of editing the photo to look slimmer.

Beware what you say about celebrities on social media, especially when it comes to things they posted themselves. Even some of the biggest A-listers have been hitting back when their critics hit them up on Twitter and try to put them down.

“They altered the photo. Look at her face and hands. Slimmed down,” one Twitter commenter said. “Why can’t they just show her in her natural beauty.”

Rebel Wilson was quick to strike back, replying directly to her body critic, “Nope, not slimmed down! I just ate healthy and exercised for the month before the shoot x but then immediately after ate brownies!”

At least Rebel can keep her amazing sense of humor even when faced with a doubter claiming her body work is just editing. It would be nice to say that the criticism stopped there but it did not.

After posting again about her Vogue Australia photoshoot, Rebel Wilson was accused of photo editing AGAIN even asking her fans not to go there. After the warning, though, most of the Photoshop accusations were focused on the tip of Rebel’s nose and a clearly edited sleeve.

Since when are photo edits something that the general public takes aim at? Magazines have been tweaking their pictures in this way since the beginning of photo editing software.

It’s one thing to completely slim down an actress or a model but it’s expected that a professional photographer would edit their own pictures in order to perfect composition, lighting and even product placement.

There’s really no need to break out the magnifying glass and look for every possibly edited detail. Remember the days of just enjoying a nice photo?

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