Rachel Zegler not invited to the Oscars even though West Side Story was nominated seven times

Rachel Zegler takes a selfie
Rachel Zegler had fans shook when she casually replied to a follower that she would be watching the Oscars from her couch at home after not being invited to attend. Pic credit: @rachelzegler/Instagram

The star of the mega-hit musical remake of West Side Story has apparently not been invited to attend the upcoming Oscars this weekend.

Rachel Zegler, 20, had fans shaking in outrage when she subtly announced that she would not be among the arrivals at Sunday’s Academy Awards show, despite being the lead star of the nominated film.

Rachel Zegler says she is ‘disappointed’ that the academy neglected to invite her to the Oscars

Despite nabbing a whopping seven nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Steven Spielberg, the film’s lead star was not sent an invitation to attend this year’s Oscars show, and fans are as shocked as Rachel appears to be herself at the blunder.

Maintaining her online composure, Rachel sneakily replied to a follower who commented that they were “excited to see” what the actress would wear on Sunday.

“i’m not invited so sweatpants and my boyfriend’s flannel” Rachel replied to the fan, to which others seemed to have their world’s shattered by the news.

“I say you show up anyway,” said one supportive fan, as others wrote, “breaks my heart. You were the best part of that movie. Surely Steven Spielberg could do something about this” and “girl how? ? what a joke !!”

Rachel Zegler's comment section
Pic credit: @rachelzegler/Instagram

After seeing fans’ outrage at the decision, Rachel posted a lengthier response regarding her feelings about the dis, writing that she had “tried it all” while hoping that some “last minute miracle happens.”

She went on to say she was “disappointed” but was immensely proud of the film and would be cheering on the movie from her couch at home.

Rachel Zegler's comment
Pic credit: @rachelzegler/Instagram

Rachel is set to star in the live-action Snow White next

Despite not being invited to attend the Oscars, even after taking home a Golden Globe award for her performance as Maria in West Side Story, Rachel is continuing to dominate the big screen, having snagged the title role of Snow White in Disney’s upcoming live-action release of the 85-year-old original animated film.

Rachel won the role last summer and will portray the ill-fated princess alongside Gal Gadot, who will play the evil queen.

Rachel Zegler's comment section
Pic credit: @rachelzegler/Instagram

Although not everyone has been thrilled with the reboot, namely Peter Dinklage, who lashed out at Disney for its continuation of what he deems as problematic dwarf portrayals, many fans are excited for the remake to include different ethnic representations.

Snow White has yet to receive an official release date, but production is currently underway.

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