Queen Elizabeth’s official Twitter account shares message in support of her cousin, Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester

Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester
Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester is Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin. Pic credit: ©

Queen Elizabeth II showed support for her first cousin Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

The Queen’s official Twitter account, The Royal Family Twitter account, tweeted a statement yesterday, expressing support for Prince Richard’s engagement with the British Armed Forces.

“The Duke of Gloucester, Colonel-in-Chief, held a telephone meeting with Major General Alan Hawley from the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) this morning,” the statement said.

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“The Duke received an update on the continued involvement of the @ArmyMedServices in the frontline COVID response,” the statement added.

The tweet was accompanied by a photo showing the Duke speaking on the phone. He was wearing a grey coat, a white and blue striped shirt, and a multi-colored tie.

The Royal Family Twitter account usually updates its 4.3 million followers on the latest news and information about the queen and her immediate family.

It only occasionally tweets about the activities of other members of the Royal Family, including Prince Richard who is a philanthropist and supporter of the British Armed Forces.

Prince Richard doesn’t feature in the news as often as some other members of the Royal Family. So, many Royal Family fans were happy to see the queen tweeting about her cousin.

“Good to see The Duke of Gloucester,” one royal fan tweeted. “He has been doing such an amazing work representing the institution for years!”


Tweet about Prince Richard
Pic credit: @CoutureRoyals/Twitter

“Thank you for the update on Richard’s work and his cause!” another royal watcher tweeted.


A tweet about Prince Richard
Pic credit: @THERoyalCrabbit/Twitter

Prince Richard, The Duke of Gloucester is Queen Elizabeth’s cousin

Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin.

He was born in August 1944 and is 76 years old.

Prince Richard is the second son of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, and Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester.

Prince Richard’s father, Prince Henry, and Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, were siblings. This makes Prince Richard and Queen Elizabeth first cousins.

Queen Elizabeth II is 94 years old. She was the subject of yet another death hoax back in January 2019.

Monsters and Critics reported that the queen’s eldest son Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 in March.

Prince Richard trained as an architect

Prince Richard attended Wellesley House School at Broadstairs and later, Eton College.

He graduated in 1966 with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Magdalene College, Cambridge.

He worked as an architect with Hunt Thompson Associates in London.

After his older brother, Prince William, died in a plane crash, he retired from his career as an architect in 1972 to work full-time as the heir apparent to his family’s dukedom.

He married the Danish-born Birgitte van Deurs, Duchess of Gloucester, in July 1972. The couple shares three children.

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