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Queen Elizabeth death hoax explained: Why people predict the Queen dies on January 5

Elizabeth II death meme
Queen Elizabeth is alive despite death hoax effort. Pic credit: The Royal Family/YouTube.

Elizabeth II is no stranger to death hoaxes after being targeted several times over the years.

The Queen of the United Kingdom has been the target of a fake news campaign to deceive people into thinking that she had died. The 92-year-old monarch is still alive and the Royal Family has not responded to the latest rumor about the Queen supposedly being dead.

Why people think the Queen dies on January 5, 2019

An internet meme that originated on Reddit, predicted that the Queen will die on January 5th.

Hoaxers have taken advantage of this by producing fake stories that look like a legitimate website, such as The BBC, to convince people across social media that the Queen has died.

This has led to thousands of condolence messages across social media with many supporters of the British monarch believing that the Queen is really dead.


The original meme was posted on Reddit and has since gone viral across social media platforms. It was posted after Christmas by a user named Reddit user called Beefy_Cabbage and was upvoted more than 50,000 times.

Queen Elizabeth is 92-years-old, which makes people more likely to believe that death hoax. Google trending searches have Elizabeth II as the number one trend for Google searches about death.

Elizabeth II is alive and recently delivered her annual Christmas message. On the event that the Queen dies, her passing will get prioritized media coverage and trigger a 12-day period of national mourning in the United Kingdom.

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