Pyramid contestant reveals how host Michael Strahan acted with him off-camera

michael strahan hosting pyramid on abc
Michael Strahan is the host of The $100,000 Pyramid game show. Pic credit: Hulu

Michael Strahan appears on multiple TV shows each week, with Good Morning America considered his most frequent of the bunch.

Although he is considered a regular co-host with ABC colleagues, including Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Lara Spencer, Strahan is sometimes absent inexplicably.

That’s due to other gigs that take him to different locations, including his job as a Fox NFL Sunday analyst and another as host of ABC’s The $100,000 Pyramid.

While he got kicked out of a GMA event for arguing, that was all good fun for the popular personality.

Based on his on-air demeanor, Strahan seems to be a cool character who gets along with others.

A contestant from his game show recently shared details about his interaction with Strahan off-air so fans could know how he is in person without the cameras.

Pyramid contestant told Strahan that he overcame his fear

A recent episode of The $100,000 Pyramid featured former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and actor Jason Ritter as the celebrities trying to help contestants win.

Richard J. Martinez was one of the two contestants who appeared in the episode, as seen in his IG photo below, standing between Sparks and Strahan.

He told fans and followers, “So excited to announce that I’ll be appearing on the $100,000 Pyramid this Wednesday night on ABC (available on Hulu the following day!)” in an IG post’s caption.

Martinez also referred to the show’s host as “the incredible @michaelstrahan.”

Early in the show, Strahan asked Martinez about the “scariest thing he’s done.” He revealed he overcame the fear of jumping out of a plane to go skydiving at 13,000 feet.

“If I can overcome that fear, I can overcome the fear of climbing up that pyramid,” Martinez said.

Strahan said he was glad Martinez landed safely and landed on Pyramid with them.

Contestant revealed how Strahan was with him off-camera

On his IG post, he also responded to some of the comments and questions people left for him, including a person asking, “Was Michael Strahan cool?”

“he was so cool. He showed a genuine interest in our conversation both on and off camera,” Martinez indicated.

Another individual mentioned they “barely recognized” Martinez wearing a suit, to which he said he “had to class it up a bit for Michael Strahan!”

contestant talks about pyramid experience
Pic credit: @playfullyrichard/Instagram

Strahan’s company brought Pyramid back

Pyramid has had many versions over the years, including The $10,000 Pyramid and The $20,000 Pyramid. The newer version stepped up the grand prize and now offers $100,000.

ABC greenlit The $100,000 Pyramid in 2016, and Strahan has hosted the primetime game show ever since. His talent management and production company, SMAC Entertainment, is behind the development and production of the game show.

Luckily for Strahan and his job with ABC’s Good Morning America, Pyramid is filmed in New York City, where the 1970s version was filmed. It’s also conveniently the home of GMA’s main studio.

However, Strahan has done other TV gigs on the opposite coast, including Fox NFL Sunday and appearing briefly as a guest judge on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to argue that he’s appearing on many TV programs. Based on his Pyramid contestant’s comments, Strahan is just as likable off-camera as many viewers find him to be when on-camera.

The $100,000 Pyramid airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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Nelda Fairley
Nelda Fairley
7 months ago

I thought for sure that the contestant was going to say Michael was an Ahole off of the show and I would have been sad and disappointed. So glad that Michael is a gentleman on and off TV.

Irene Obrien
Irene Obrien
7 months ago

Michael Strahan deserves a break from everything everyone should just leave him alone. He had family to take off from his job from Gma. Everyone should mind there damn business leave him alone.