Pusha T comments on ‘the gift’ Kanye West brings to music following rapper’s Grammys ban

pusha t speaks at BET Hip Hop Awards
Pusha T during the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. Pic credit: © Harr/AdMedia

Rapper Pusha T has been closely associated with hip-hop star Kanye West over the years, as the two have linked up for various projects. That’s included his most recent single, Diet Coke, to which Ye lent his production skills along with 88 Keys.

The song includes a shout-out in appreciation of West as Pusha raps, “Far as I’m concerned, who’s the best? Me and Yezos.”

Ahead of the new song, West was involved in other songs and records for Pusha T. He helped put together what’s considered a masterpiece for Pusha with Daytona, the first Pusha T album ever to get nominated for a Grammy.

During a recent appearance on Hot Ones, Pusha did his best to answer various questions while downing a series of wings that increasingly brought the heat. One of those questions focused on his working relationship with Kanye West regarding music, and Pusha revealed what he believes is Ye’s “gift.”

Pusha T talks about ‘the gift’ Kanye West has in creating music

Hot Ones tests various celebrities’ abilities to handle a heatwave in the form of wings served up with different hot sauces on them. Along the way, host Sean Evans grills them with insightful questions. Many celebrities have made it through all of the wings, some without needing a sip of water or milk.

It wasn’t that easy for rapper Pusha T, as he bowed out before the final two wings. A bowl of ice cream eased his pain as he wondered how many people actually completed all of the wings.

Earlier in the interview, Evans brought up how some of Pusha’s “collaborators” are more “spontaneous” than him, including rapper and producer Kanye West. Evans asked Pusha what it’s like to have Kanye giving last-minute suggestions within the final 24 hours when an album is due to the label.

“That’s the thing about him. I think that’s the gift of him- his instincts,” Pusha said, adding, “He’s pretty spot on instinctively when he just feels like a song is missing something or feels like the art is not as strong as it could be. The good thing about him is he works ’til the last minute, so you always get that opportunity to be great.”

The Hot Ones episode premiered on the First We Feast YouTube channel on Thursday, days after reports arrived that West had been removed from the Grammys performance lineup. However, the episode was likely recorded before the Recording Academy decided to remove West.

Kanye’s Grammys attendance status unclear

As of this writing, it’s unknown if Kanye West will show up at the Grammy Awards, as he’s nominated in five categories for this year’s ceremony. He was removed from the lineup of performers mere weeks ahead of the show, following his “concerning online behavior.”

That included a slur he directed towards The Daily Show host Trevor Noah in an Instagram post, which resulted in Kanye’s ban from the platform for 24 hours.

Ahead of that Trevor Noah post, West shared several other posts, including mocking comedian D.L. Hughley and calling out ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

West is amongst this year’s nominees in five categories, including Best Rap Album and Album of the Year for his 2021 release, Donda. A Variety report indicated that sources indicated West is still allowed to walk the red carpet and attend the event to accept any awards he might win.

Following reports of West’s removal, record executive and producer J Prince called for West, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and other hip-hop stars to hold an anti-Grammys concert in protest of the show’s history of treatment towards the hip-hop genre over the past three decades.

As of this report, it’s unknown if Kanye or any other artists are considering such an event or it’s even in the works.

West didn’t react to his removal as a Grammys performer or the J Prince concert suggestion, as he’s remained silent publicly and on Instagram following his 24-hour suspension from the platform.

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