Prince William and Kate Middleton join UK celebrities in radio broadcast urging public to discuss mental health

William and Kate attend a royal function
Prince William and Kate Middleton have taken part in a radio broadcast encouraging discussion of mental health. Pic credit: ©

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have teamed up with a collection of British celebrities to deliver a message about mental health over the radio waves.

As the UK comes to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, Britain’s radio stations were interrupted at 10:59 am local time on Friday morning to allow the Duke and Duchess along with several other celebrities to broadcast a 60-second message.

The broadcast, which was aired on 500 radio stations encouraged British citizens to continue discussing mental health issues.

The royal couple was joined by former soccer player David Beckham and Games of Thrones star Charles Dance. Other celebrities included legendary singer Dame Shirley Bassey, actress Joanna Lumley, and TV chef Jamie Oliver, among others.

In the short broadcast, each celebrity read out a line that contributed to a general message of solidarity around mental health. Bassey and Lumley first explained the nature of the broadcast before Charles Dance chimed in by stating, “we’re transmitting much-needed empathy.”

David Beckham then spoke about coming together in this challenging year “to share understanding, love and hope.”

Prince William suggested: “So as we come to the end of this mental health awareness week, it would be great to keep talking,” which led in to singer Anne-Marie saying, “to a loved one, friend or colleague – let’s keep making the conversation accessible.”

Kate Middleton then took over the conversation by saying, “because our mental health binds every single one of us together,” and Jamie Oliver finished up the broadcast by talking about how mental health issues unite and bind people together.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and celebrities support mental health charity

The broadcast was developed with the support of UK charity Shout 85258, which is a 24/7 text messaging helpline that is part of William and Kate’s Royal Foundation. The script itself was written by poet and mental health activist Hussain Manawer, who also appeared in the broadcast.

The charity says they provide a service to people struggling to cope whereby they can text someone who will provide help and assistance.

David Beckham and Charles Dance on the red carpet
David Beckham and Charles Dance also appeared in the radio broadcast. Pic credit: © and Featureflash

Prince Harry has also been discussing mental health

William’s younger brother, Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has also focused his efforts on combatting mental health problems this week. It was announced on Monday that the Duke and Oprah Winfrey would be airing the first episode of their mental health documentary, titled The Me You Can’t See, from May 21.

The documentary will also make use of celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Glenn Close, to discuss all matters surrounding mental health and well-being.

Harry also recently appeared on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert to discuss the impact on mental health caused by growing up in a privileged environment. The interview has caused some controversy as he appeared to question the parenting skills of his father, Prince Charles.

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