Post Malone isn’t dead, but Austin Richard Post’s fans really are worried about rapper’s health

Rapper Post Malone
Fans have been speculating about rapper Post Malone’s well-being on social media. Pic credit:

Post Malone’s fans have been expressing concern about his well-being lately after multiple videos emerged on Twitter showing the 24-year-old rapper behaving erratically on stage during his ongoing Runaway Tour.

Some fans who saw the videos and others who attended the concerts began speculating on Twitter that Post Malone’s behavior was likely due to substance abuse.

Many fans have since taken to Twitter to speculate about the rapper’s well-being and express concerns about his health. Post Malone’s fans are worried about him and many are calling for people to help him.

Some fans suggested that his bizarre behavior could be a veiled “cry for help.”

However, some argued that his on-stage behavior was his usual way of “expressing his art” and that there was nothing to worry about.

The conflicting suggestions sparked a debate on social media.

There’s been a lot of talk about Post Malone’s “death” on social media lately

The conversation on Twitter about Post Malone’s well-being took a bizarre and sinister turn when many began tweeting about his death although the rapper is not dead and there is no evidence that he is suffering from any terminal condition.

Several Twitter users have been speculating about Malone’s supposed imminent death. Some have been posting predictions about his death, while others are saying he will die from a drug overdose.

The sinister online speculation about Malone’s death upset some of his fans and sparked a backlash from them.

Post Malone has spoken about his mental health problems

Post Malone opened up about his mental health problems in a recent interview with GQ Style.

He revealed that he suffered from depression when he was in middle school and high school and that he unsuccessfully tried using alcohol to cope. Post also added that he did not believe that his mental health issues were anybody’s fault and that it might have been the result of a predisposition.

He went on to say that he was aware of the risks of self-medication after the deaths of some of his peers in the music profession, including Amy Winehouse, Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD.

But when asked whether he was seeking help, he said he was trying but that he was having difficulty.

Malone was the subject of a death hoax back in 2018

Many took to Twitter back 2018 to spread rumors that Malone died when a private jet carrying him crashed soon after taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. He was traveling to Luton Aiport in London to perform in the Reading & Leeds Festivals.

The rumors continued to circulate on social media after Malone’s plane landed safely at Stewart International Airport in New York. The plane was forced to land due to an emergency.

Malone appeared to have been shocked by the death rumors on social media and he later said he couldn’t believe that so many people would wish death upon him.

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