Pooh Shiesty prison photo emerges amid Gucci Mane/NBA Youngboy drama

Pooh Shiesty Prison Photo
Pooh Shiesty fans are shocked after a photo showing him in prison dropped. Pic credit: @PoohShiesty/Instagram

Pooh Shiesty’s release date may still be a long way off as he awaits sentencing on federal firearms charges in Florida — but he’s still making his presence known in the outside world.

The Memphis-born rapper, who was born Lontrell Williams Jr, pleaded guilty in January 2022 in order to avoid a life sentence after he was accused of shooting a man in a hotel in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, in 2020.

Shiesty has been held in jail without bond since July 2021. Prior to his arrest, Shiesty was considered one of the brightest stars in the Memphis hip-hop scene.

The rapper could face up to 20 years in prison, but prosecutors are expected to recommend a sentence of around 8 years for the crimes in question.

Shiesty first made a splash in January 2021 when his mixtape Shiesty Season dropped. From there, Shiesty signed to Gucci Mane’s The New 1017 label.

His listing on the Miami Federal Department of Corrections’ website currently has his release date listed as “unknown.”

Shiesty appears with 2 other inmates who are making gestures with their hands

In the new photo posted online by DJ Akademiks, Shiesty is shown wearing a full white sweatsuit and white beanie and sporting a pretty thick beard. The rapper is shown sandwiched between two other men who are dressed similarly. The man on Shiesty’s right flips off the camera while the other man makes another gesture with his fingers.

It’s not clear when exactly the photo was taken or how it leaked, but the man in the photo certainly looks a great deal like Shiesty.

Gucci Mane just paid tribute to Shiesty on his song Publicity Stunt

On the same day that the Shiesty’s photo leaked, made reference to Gucci Mane’s latest diss track against Baton Rouge rapper NBA Youngboy, Publicity Stunt.

Mane takes time out from attacking his rival to namecheck Shiesty, saying, “It’s free Pooh and Foo ’til it’s backwards, you b******s.” Foo is a reference to Atlanta-rapper Foogiano who is serving five years in prison after he burned off a court-ordered ankle monitor after being charged in relation to firearms charges, according to XXL.

Shiesty’s lawyer has said claims the rapper is a ‘snitch’ are ‘fake news’

A week prior to the prison photo leaking, Shiesty’s lawyer hit out at claims that the rapper had co-operated with authorities in his case.

Complex reported that music manager Wack 100 claimed in an interview that Shiesty had worked with investigators in order to secure a lighter sentence. Wack 100 went so far as to call Shiesty a “snitch.”

Shiesty’s lawyer Bradford Cohen called Wack’s claims “fake news,” according to Complex.

You can read more about Shiesty’s charges here.

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