NBA YoungBoy may have ditched his diamond grills: Rapper shows off new pearly white veneers on Instagram

NBA YoungBoy is a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Pic credit: YoungBoy Never Broke Again/YouTube

Rapper NBA YoungBoy may have switched his diamond grill for pearly white veneers.

The 21-year-old rapper from Baton Rouge took to Instagram to livestream himself from his dentist’s office.

The video (see below) shows the rapper undergoing a dental procedure. When he asks a friend a question during the procedure, fans get a glimpse of his teeth without his diamond grill.

Instead, he appeared to be wearing pearly white veneers.

Fans react on social media

Before YoungBoy (Kentrell De Sean Gaulden) streamed himself at his dentist’s office, he had uploaded a video of himself driving in New York City with his grill in place.

The video showing him at his dentist’s office led to fan speculation that he was ditching his diamond grill for veneers.

Although it was not clear from the video that NBA YoungBoy has permanently switched his diamond grill for sparkling white veneers, fans took to social media to express approval of the Valuable Pain rapper’s new look.

Pic credit: @ShhhhhutTFUP/Twitter
Pic credit: @hoodshordy/Twitter

Rappers have been ditching their grills lately

Social media speculation that the Self Control rapper may have permanently ditched his diamond grill comes after several other rappers also switched their grills for white veneers.

Rappers Lil Yachty, YFN Lucci, and Plies, are among prominent rap artists who recently exchanged their grills for veneers.

Lil Yachty was so excited about the new veneers that he took to Instagram Live to share his new look with his fans. He claimed that he spent $80,000 dollars on them.

NBA YoungBoy just welcomed a baby boy with Yaya Mayweather

The latest development comes after NBA YoungBoy welcomed a baby boy with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Yaya.

Yaya (Iyanna Mayweather) took to her Instagram Story earlier this month to share a photo of her newborn baby’s foot.

Quoting from Queen Naija’s hit song Mama’s Hand, she said she unconditionally loved her baby from the moment he was born.

“I developed a love that was so unconditional and I promise to give you everything that I have,” she shared with her 1.4 million followers.

Yaya announced her baby’s arrival after her father, Floyd, confirmed rumors that his daughter was pregnant with NBA YoungBoy’s baby in November.

However, it is believed Yaya and NBA YoungBoy broke up after she became pregnant. She took to social media on Christmas Eve to announce that she was single.

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