Pete Davidson will be shot into space — Here’s when Blue Origin launches and who is going with him

pete davidson in saturday night live weekend update sketch
SNL star Pete Davidson is the latest celebrity heading into outer space. Pic credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson will be among several people blasting off into space as part of the latest Blue Origin launch.

He joins the mission thanks to continued talks with Amazon founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos, who founded Blue Origin in 2000.

Davidson, who’s already been making headlines quite a bit while dating Kim Kardashian, will join five other passengers as part of the upcoming mission.

Pete Davidson part of upcoming Blue Origin mission

Going into space has become the latest activity for celebrities to try out. Now, actor and comedian Pete Davidson will head off for the March 23 Blue Origin launch thanks to meeting up with Jeff Bezos earlier this year.

Five other paying customers will join him, including Sharon and Marc Hagle. Also making the trip will be Party America CEO Marty Allen, entrepreneur Jim Kitchen, and Commercial Space Technologies President Dr. George Nield.

The mission will also involve a notable aspect called Postcards to Space, through Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future. With this part of the mission, kids write up postcards for space, and Blue Origin will help “get their dreams into orbit,” per TMZ.

Different passengers will carry postcards to bring them into space. The initiative is to get children interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields while pursuing their educations.

Davidson and the rest of the Blue Origin group will officially launch into space from West Texas on March 23.

Davidson attended Jeff Bezos’ party with Kim Kardashian

For Davidson, dating Kim Kardashian has come with some of the stresses of dating a high-profile celebrity and also some perks. Kim K has been a constant paparazzi target for the longest time, and whoever she’s with becomes headline news.

She’d been married to rapper Kanye West since 2014, but filed for divorce last February. Around October and November of last year, things got messy as Kim began dating Davidson. With that, Davidson became a target for Kanye on social media, in songs, and recently, a suggestive music video.

While Davidson’s had to endure a lot of Kanye West’s antics towards Kim and himself on social media, he’s also getting to meet some powerful friends thanks to dating a Kardashian.

According to People, the duo attended a dinner party that Jeff Bezos and his partner hosted this past January, which is where Davidson got to talking about a space trip.

That meeting worked out in the SNL star’s favor, as now he’ll get to make the trip off planet Earth to experience some brief travel into outer space.

By the way, Davidson’s trip will be Blue Origin’s fourth human flight. Other celebrities who have gone into space included former NFL star Michael Strahan and Star Trek legend William Shatner.

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