Paula Abdul unrecognizable in Photoshop fail that leaves her looking like a ‘teen’

Paula Abdul attends the Uplive WorldStage Press Event in 2021
Paula Abdul looked unrecognizable in holiday pictures after a photoshop failure. Pic credit: ©

Like many other celebrities, Paula Abdul shared some pictures of her festivities over the Christmas weekend. However, users quickly began to question who she was in the pictures after some apparent youthful filters made her nearly unrecognizable.

The 60-year-old singer gave a shoutout to Kathy Hilton after being invited to her holiday party. Along with the shoutout, Abdul posted a series of photos from the festive celebrity gathering.

She posed against Christmas trees and lights with the likes of Kathy, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, and Crystal Kung Minkoff. Abdul also posted a short video capturing some carolers and choirs singing at the party.

Abdul could be seen throwing her hands in the air while manning the DJ with Paris. She looked stunning in a glittering grey gown with translucent sleeves and a skirt.

The dress’s sleeves were ringed with bright green, with the green and grey tones making for a subtle festive theme. Abdul wore her long hair loose and cascading in waves down her back.

While Abdul’s outfit and hair were stunning, her followers couldn’t help but notice that her face looked unrecognizable. She seemingly used filters or photoshop to make herself look younger but instead made herself look like a “teenager,” as some commenters pointed out.

Paula Abdul’s followers react to her photoshop fail

Abdul’s post contained a sweet message expressing her gratitude to Kathy. Her post received a lot of positive comments, including one from Paris that read, “Love you.”

However, it didn’t take long for fans to begin questioning the photoshop job. The discussion started with some expressing genuine confusion about why the photos didn’t look like her.

Comments on Paula Abdul's photoshopped pictures
Pic credit: @paulaabdul/Instagram

Other commenters began to joke that someone must have hacked or stolen Abdul’s Instagram account, as the photos didn’t seem to be hers.

Comments on Paula Abdul's photoshopped pictures
Pic credit: @paulaabdul/Instagram

Others joked that the photos were actually Abdul’s “childhood pics.” The less harsh comments, however, reminded Abdul that she was beautiful and that she didn’t need to edit her photos so drastically.

Comments on Paula Abdul's photoshopped pictures
Pic credit: @paulaabdul/Instagram

While many did point out the photoshopping, some commenters genuinely didn’t seem to notice. Many positive comments came in, gushing about how Abdul doesn’t age and wishing her well for the holidays.

Comments on Paula Abdul's photoshopped pictures
Pic credit: @paulaabdul/Instagram

Some commenters couldn’t seem to decide if the pictures were photoshopped or if it was plastic surgery that gave Abdul her unnaturally youthful appearance.

Comments on Paula Abdul's photoshopped pictures
Pic credit: @paulaabdul/Instagram

Abdul has not publicly responded to the accusations of photoshopping. However, the consensus on her post was that it was an example of a big celebrity photoshop failure.

Abdul recently launched her signature audio sunglasses

While Abdul’s followers aren’t impressed with her photoshop skills, the singer has recently moved into the tech sphere. Back in November, she launched her Straight Up Signature Smart Audio Glasses in collaboration with 1 of 1 Custom.

She announced the exciting launch with a short TikTok video introducing the product. The sunglasses manage to merge fashion with cutting-edge technology.

On the surface, the sunglasses are stylish and practical, able to be worn outdoors and indoors. However, they double as out-of-ear audio speakers that allow users to listen to music or podcasts while wearing the sunglasses.


I’m so excited to announce my Signature Smart Audio Glasses are now available! To order yours & learn more, visit or click the link in my bio 😎

♬ original sound – Paula Abdul

Abdul launched her audio sunglasses just in time for the holidays. She has capitalized on this opportunity by posting further advertisements and giveaways since the launch.

Dennis Lee, CEO of 1of 1 Custom, said of the collaboration, “Our engineering and design teams worked with Paula to come up with her Smart Audio Glasses, making sure to combine a great audio listening experience with her stylish design.”

While most celebrities debut fragrances or clothing lines, it will be interesting to see how Abdul’s unique audio sunglasses will fair.

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