Paula Abdul lip syncing and tap dancing on a turkey float draws mixed reactions

Paula Abdul smiling
Paul Abdul has been called out for her Macy’s parade performance. Pic credit: ©

Paula Abdul put on a wow-worthy performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – but viewers at home were less than impressed.

The music superstar, whose career spans four decades, took to the stage at the annual event in New York City today (November 24) to perform her hit Straight Up.  

Slipping into a full-body sequin jumpsuit, the former American Idol judge and her backup dancers put on a show as they performed an elaborate dance routine that included tap dancing and assisted flips.

The live audience cheered for Paula, impressed by the 60-year-old’s ability to do a flip and lifts. 

But for viewers at home watching The Masked Dancer star’s performance, the vibes were very different.

Clips of the performance were soon posted on Twitter and immediately caused a squawk among social media users.

Paula Abdul’s performance received mixed reactions on Twitter 

In a tweet that included a video of Paula tap dancing, one viewer wrote, “Paula Abdul lip syncing while also tap syncing during the Thanksgiving Day parade.”

Another user penned, “Paula Abdul fake tap dancing and lip synching to insane auto tune is so iconic.”

(Pic credit: @smelbypittman/Twitter)


twitter screenshot
Pic credit: @atleastimtryin/Twitter

Someone else tweeted, “Paula Abdul looks like she may break a hip… that auto tuning is.”

“Didn’t realize we needed a lip syncing Paula Abdul wearing a sequined jumpsuit tap dancing in front of a turkey float but we got it anyway,” a fifth viewer wrote. 

Paula Screenshot Twitter
Pic credit: @Imagecaptured/Twitter

Echoing their thoughts, another viewer proclaimed, “I wish Paula Abdul would stop attempting to be relevant and also stop fake tap dancing.

Twitter comment
Pic credit: @knownbill/Twitter

Fans say Paula’s performance is ‘one of best things you’ll ever see’

However, some fans showed their support for the Grammy Award-winning superstar.

One passionate fan penned, “I’m sorry but Paula Abdul just delivered one of the greatest parade performances of all time. Starting with a tap break on the Jennie-O float?!? C’mon now!”

Someone else tweeted, “I can barely walk and chew gum and Paula Abdul is out here tap dancing and lip syncing during the Thanksgiving Day parade,” before adding, “Straight up one of these best things you’ll ever see.”

A third Paula fan jokingly noted, “For the younger crowd, Paula Abdul was the Ariana Grande of the 80’s.”

Twitter Screenshot about Paula's performance.
Pic credit: @TheeDLSmooth/@ladarius_brown/Twitter

Another Twitter user wrote, “It’s really time to start putting Paula Abdul in the national treasures conversation.”

“Paula Abdul’s iconic and confusing performance at the #MacysParade is my reason for living,” someone else penned.

Another impressed fan tweeted, “Paula Abdul is 60 and out there performing in high heels. Dang.”

Paula screenshot Twitter
Pic credit: @heyyitsjared/@fatsajak_/@Buckeyet×gr12_/Twitter

Many other celebs joined Paula for the iconic parade, including Lea Michele and Jordin Sparks.

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