Palace fears Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could name the royal who expressed concern about Archie’s skin color

Prince Charles and Prince Harrry
Prince Charles was reportedly deeply disturbed by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s racism allegation against the Royal Family. Pic credit: ©

Senior members of the Royal Family and aides are reportedly concerned that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could name the royal who allegedly expressed concern about Archie’s skin color.

According to the Evening Standard, a Palace insider said that members of the Royal Family fear that issuing a denial of the racism allegation before a full investigation could force Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to name the royal who voiced concern that Archie might be born with a dark skin tone.

“A denial could lead the Sussexes breaking their vow and naming the member of the royal family who discussed their son’s skin colour. There is a lack of trust,” the source said.

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Buckingham Palace is under pressure to respond to the racism allegation

Charles, Prince of Wales, was reportedly deeply disturbed by the racism allegation.

“It goes against everything the Prince of Wales believes in. He believes diversity is the strength of our society,” a source said, according to the Evening Standard.

The allegation has placed Buckingham Palace under pressure to make a response. However, the Palace does not want to make a response before a full investigation has been done.

The view that the Palace needed to have all the facts before releasing a statement reportedly explained why the Queen delayed approving an official response to the bombshell allegations after holding emergency talks with Prince Charles and William on Monday.

The Queen wanted more time to consider her response to the damming allegation.

The official response was originally expected to be released by the Queen’s Communications Secretary before ITV aired the Oprah interview in the U.K. on Monday night.

Markle alleged that royals did not want Archie to be prince because of his mixed-race

Monsters and Critics reported that Markle claimed a royal expressed concern that her baby might have a dark skin color. The royal reportedly commented about Archie’s skin color during a conversation with Prince Harry before Archie was born.

Markle and Harry refused to name the royal because it would be “damaging” to the person.

Markle agreed with Oprah that it would be “pretty safe” to say the royal who express concern about Archie’s skin color felt it would be a “problem” if he was too dark-skinned.

Prince Harry added that he found the conversation about their baby’s skin color “awkward” and that he was “a bit shocked.”

Markle also alleged that there were racial undertones to the decision to deny Archie a royal title and security protection.

She claimed that conversations about whether or not Archie will be given a title and security protection went on “in tandem” with conversations about his skin color.

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2 years ago

The Queen needs to remove Harry and all of his family from the succession list. They are essentially defectors. It’s not worth blackmail and hanging this over the person’s head. How does anyone know she’s not repeating a question someone else asked her and she repeated it. Lets get real. Meghan was not English let alone royal herself, so why should their children be on the list when they are only 1/2 English. They don’t need a list of successors a mile long. That goes for the rest of the family.