On-stage chemistry between Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton lead Something’s Gotta Give writer to wonder if their characters should have been together

Diane Keaton on the red carpet
Did Diane Keaton’s character choose the wrong guy to be with, in Something’s Gotta Give? Pic credit: © / Admedia

At Sunday night’s Oscars, Hollywood stars Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves strolled on stage to present the award for Best Original Screenplay.

The two stars reignited their chemistry from 2003 romcom Something’s Gotta Give. The pair reminisced about their time working on the movie in which their characters dated each other.

There definitely seemed to be a bit of heavy flirting going on as Keaton said, “It’s been a long time since you and me made that movie.”

“Remember me in it? she asked of The Matrix star.

“Yeah, you were amazing,” responded Reeves graciously.

“YOU were amazing,” gushed Keaton, as the audience applauded.

“I’ll never forget reading that Nancy Meyers screenplay for the first time,” Reeves said. “Yeaaah, no. Yeah, well… no, yeah, no, I mean, obviously me neither,” Keaton came back with, as we all wondered if she did actually remember reading the screenplay for the first time.

She eventually said there was lots of “crying in there.” She continued, “Lots of laughing and crying and, well, we had some, well, let’s be frank — it was a good time.” Reeves interrupted, “good times, you and Jack [Nicholson]!”

Viewers loved watching Reeves and Keaton interact

Alright, so it was awkward small talk, but many of us loved it.

Seeing them both together on stage made some think that Diane’s character in the movie should have chosen to be with Keanu’s heart surgeon character rather than Jack Nicholson’s socialite playboy character.

Even the movie’s writer, producer, and director, Nancy Meyers, got in on the act, she posted a photo of the actors on stage to Instagram with the caption, “Whoa. Maybe they did end up together.”

Something’s Gotta Give sequel?

Meyer’s daughter, Annie Meyer-Shyer, commented with an order, “Mom-write it!” She added, “Let’s find out what happened to Erica and Julian.” Annie has been involved in acting herself, performing in her parent’s movies The Parent Trap, Baby Boom, and Father of the Bride.

Most folk online seemed to think that Diane and Keanu’s characters should have ended up together at the end of the movie giving it the ending that we all needed and deserved.

Maybe it’s time for a sequel so we can see these two Hollywood giants and their on-stage chemistry on our screens once more.

Keaton and Reeves didn’t provide the only blast from the past at this years Oscars, Eminem managed to surprise everyone by performing his 2002 hit Lose Yourself.

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