Some of the reactions to Eminem performing at the Oscars were hilarious

Rapper Eminem
Rapper Eminem made a surprise appearance on Oscars stage last night. Pic credit:

Rapper Eminem made a surprise appearance at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony.

As the cameras panned through the audience inside Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, many viewers at home took note of the different reactions to Eminem’s performance by the audience consisting of the entertainment world’s elite.

The 47-year-old Detroit rapper hit the stage at the 92nd Academy Awards with a rousing performance of his 2002 hit song Lose Yourself, which was featured in the soundtrack of the 2002 movie 8 Mile.

8 Mile followed the young and aspiring white rapper, Jimmy Smith Jr., aka, B-Rabbit, played by Eminem. He won the award for Best Original Song for Lose Yourself in 2003, and the song remains one of his best-known tracks.

Many in the audience were surprised to see Eminem taking the stage at the Oscars to perform one of his old songs. But despite the confused and awkward reactions, the audience appreciated his performance and gave him a standing ovation at the end.

Watch the video below to see the reactions by some of the stars at the Oscars ceremony last night.–aDNWqk


Audience reactions to Eminem

Billy Eilish looked confused while Martin Scorsese appeared to have dozed off on his seat in the middle of the performance. Idina Menzel wore an expression that was a mixture of puzzlement and intense concentration as if she was struggling to make sense of an amazing spectacle.

Others appeared to be enjoying the performance as they moved enthusiastically to the rhythm.

Twitter reacts

The reactions on Twitter were mixed. While some fans loved Eminem’s performance, others were puzzled about why he was at the Oscars performing a track he received an award for 18 years before.

Eminem reacts

However, Eminem later answered the questions about why he performed at 2020 Oscars with posts to his Twitter and Instagram accounts

Although he won the award of Best Original Song for Lose Yourself in 2003, he didn’t attend the awards ceremony that year.  Eminem reportedly said he did not attend because he did think he had a chance to win.

So he returned 18 years later to give the performance he missed at the 75th Academy Awards back in 2003.

After his performance, Eminem took to Twitter and Instagram to thank the organizers for allowing him to return for the performance he missed 18 years before.

“Look, if you had another shot, another opportunity… Thanks for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years to get here.”

Eminem made history in 2003 as the first hip hop artist to be honored with the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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