Olympic star Usain Bolt joins list of people claiming to have been ghosted by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Usain Bolt at public events
Sprinter Usain Bolt says he lost contact with Prince Harry after his marriage to Meghan Markle. Pic credit: © and Admedia

Olympic legend Usain Bolt has joined the growing list of people who say they were ghosted by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are beginning to get a bit of a reputation when it comes to breaking off contact with old friends. Meghan is thought to have famously ditched TV presenter Piers Morgan and just last week, another British TV personality, Lizzie Cundy, claimed the American had stopped answering her calls.

Prince Harry has also been accused by some of his old Eton schools friends of cutting them off after the 2018 marriage to Meghan.

Usain Bolt says Harry ‘got really serious, really quickly’

And now Olympic sprinter, Usain Bolt, has blamed Harry’s marriage to Meghan for ending their friendship. Speaking to The Sun, Bolt lamented that he no longer hears from Harry, “I think he got really serious, really quickly. He is about married life and good for it now so has left that life behind now.”

The sprinter struck up a friendship with the prince in March 2019, when Harry was performing a royal tour of the Caribbean to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. While in Jamaica, Usain and Harry appeared to hit it off, laughing and joking in public. The fastest man on earth even let the prince beat him in a track race.

The two buddies then maintained a back and forth on Twitter, but sadly that all came to an end after the marriage was announced, according to Bolt.

Usain Bolt wanted to organize three bachelor parties for Harry

Usain Bolt also said that he offered to organize three bachelor parties for Harry to celebrate the engagement, and it sounded like he had it all planned out.

The Sun wrote that, at the time, Usain wanted to have one party in Kingston, one in Vegas, and one in London. He said, “I know it’s a lot to ask, but these are his last nights of freedom. I will personally call Meghan and take responsibility for getting him home safely after each.”

Sadly these parties never happened, and the runner says the pair lost contact, something he clearly regrets, “I haven’t talked to him in a while, but I still would like to keep in contact.”

Harry isn’t the only royal family member who reportedly recently ended an old friendship; last spring Prince William fell out with journalist Tom Bradby after the pair had been pals for two decades. However, even this has Harry’s fingerprints on it because William distanced himself from Bradby after the latter sided with Harry in the ongoing royal feud.

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Lady H
Lady H
2 years ago

WOW, what a bunch of click-bait. It was obvious from the outset Meghan intended to separate Harry from friends & family. It’s all she knows. Better to be able to control/manipulate. Meghans Motto ‘Use, abuse & abandon’. She snagged a Bag of Do$h & a rung on a rickety ladder. She popped-out a couple of kids to insure her future. No more, no less. She’ll bleed Harry dry Mentally, Physically, Financially & any other way possible. As far as Usain Bolt goes, you worked hard to achieve your place in History & it is you Sir who should be ‘ghosting’. them. In all honesty H&M haven’t earned the right to lace your running shoes.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lady H

None of this is a surprise . That poisonous viper had all this planned the minute she met Harry. He’s too blind to see it. They deserve each other. One day Harry may wake up but it will be way too late. The damage is already done!

Lady H Drake
Lady H Drake
2 years ago

Harry waking up._._.too little too late.

2 years ago

You’re trying to see mountains where there are none. Many people lose touch with people especially if they escalate a part of themself that they do not wish to continue with anymore. Harry was clearly a party animal – it’s good that he’s tamed down and seems much happier now. All here for the “clickbait”. Moronic website.