Olivia Wilde wants Emily Ratajkowski to ‘keep her name out of her mouth’ after Harry Styles kiss

Emily-Ratajkowski olivia wilde
Olivia Wilde wants Emily Ratajkowski to “keep her name out of her mouth” after Harry Styles kiss. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency/Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Olivia Wilde is channeling her inner Will Smith as the director reportedly has some words for former friend Emily Ratajkowski.

The news comes on the heels of Emily’s recent declaration, where she said she felt “bad” for Olivia. 

The reason for Emily’s statement was a very public smooch with boy-bander Harry Styles.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Emily spoke out about her now-famous kiss with Harry in a recently-released interview. In the interview, Emily discussed the unique nature of being a celebrity, with every move critiqued by the masses.

And since Emily and Olivia were friends, it seems things have gotten personal.

After all, Olivia and Emily were recently spotted at the Academy Awards, where they rubbed elbows at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Olivia Wilde wants Emily Ratajkowski to stop talking about her after public Harry Styles kiss

While Olivia hasn’t addressed the situation publicly, people connected to her have spoken on her behalf.

A very well-placed source told the Daily Mail what Olivia thought about Emily’s recent revelation.

The source told the Daily Mail, “Emily shouldn’t feel bad for Olivia. She should reexamine her dating life and the men she chooses to go out with.”

The source continued, “Olivia just wants Emily to keep her name out of her mouth.”

For a final jab, the source said that Emily should focus on being a mom.

Some people may be wondering what Emily said that drew Olivia’s ire.

The High Low with EmRata podcast star appeared in Spanish Vogue this month with a stunning shoot featuring vibrant colors and gorgeous ensembles.

However, it was Emily’s interview that made headlines and allegedly caused Olivia’s strong reaction.

Emily Ratajkowski discusses the famous kiss with Harry Styles for the first time

It all started when Emily and Harry were seen canoodling in Tokyo last month. The photos went viral, with many wondering if the newly-single celebrities were in a relationship.

In an interview with Spanish Vogue, Emily told her side of the story while reflecting on the public lens she has lived under for years.

Emily discussed her dating life, revealing that she had back-to-back relationships. After seven years of monogamy, Emily dipped her toes in the dating world as a single woman.

Emily took a sympathetic tone with Olivia, revealing, “I feel bad for Olivia [Wilde], because she has had to suffer this situation on several occasions.”

She also alluded to drama with the former House M.D actress, revealing, “That’s how it is. Just an unfortunate issue.”

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