Emily Ratajkowski addresses Harry Styles kiss, says she ‘feels bad’ for Olivia Wilde

Emily Ratajkowski on te red carpet
Emily Ratajkowski addresses Harry Style kiss. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Emily Ratajkowski addressed the Harry Styles kiss that recently went viral on social media.

The model appeared in Spanish Vogue for a stunning photoshoot and a captivating interview to go along with the spread.

In the interview, Emily discussed her life as a newly-single woman who has also navigated life as a single mom. 

Shortly before her ex, Sebastian Bear-McClard, allegedly got caught cheating on Emily, the two welcomed a son, Sylvester ApolloThe infidelity combined with a child certainly added complexity to the relationship’s failure.

But Emily has put on a brave face, living her best life and dating multiple people. One of those individuals may have been Harry Styles, who recently split from Olivia Wilde. 

Unfortunately, Olivia and Emily were longtime friends, so the Harry Styles kiss caused tabloid fodder.

Emily Ratajkowski addresses famous kiss with Harry Styles

Emily and Harry were spotted canoodling in Tokyo last month. The pictures caused many to speculate if the newly-single individuals were in a relationship.

As for Emily, she referenced the now-infamous kiss revealing that she didn’t “expect this to happen” in an interview with Spanish Vogue.

Emily explained that she had back-to-back relationships, including a three-year and four-year romance. Accordingly, Emily has enjoyed life as a single woman navigating the dating world. 

As for the press attention, Emily sympathized with Olivia.

She said, “I feel bad for Olivia [Wilde], because she has had to suffer this situation on several occasions.”

Emily stopped shy of denying problems with Olivia after the kiss went public, saying, “That’s how it is. Just an unfortunate issue.”

Olivia has also struggled with paparazzi capturing her every move and public scrutiny. 

Emily Ratajkowski talks about misconceptions and public scrutiny

But all isn’t as it appears for Emily, who spends most of her time as a mother and working. She has a podcast called High Low with EmRata, and her son, Sylvester, just turned 2 years old.

However, for Emily, being a mom didn’t elicit the same attention as her dating life. 

Although Emily understood that dating stories garner more views and attention, she revealed that life under the limelight could be difficult.

Specifically, Emily admitted that the lack of privacy was a challenging aspect of stardom.

She explained, “The invasion of private aspects is very hard for me.”

Emily added, “It’s very bizarre to have certain experiences and then have the whole world know and comment on them.”

Emily continues to live her best life and grapple with a lack of privacy.

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