Emily Ratajkowski in gold silk for selfie after Harry Styles dating rumors

Emily Ratajkowski close up
Emily Ratajkowski showed off a gold silk blouse for a social media selfie. Pic credit: ©

Emily Ratajkowski has been having some of the busiest years in her personal life and career, yet she appears to be taking it in stride with her quick wit and propensity for sarcasm.

The model recently shared a selfie to her Instagram Stories, which boasts an incredible 29.9 million followers, in which she wore a silky gold top, going without a bra underneath for an ultra-feminine look.

Her doe-eyes stared at the camera with a serious expression as her mascara and light eyeliner emphasized their deep brown hue.

She added an excessively glossy lip and made sure her eyebrows were brushed to perfection while her brunette hair hung down on her shoulders in a natural, slightly messy style.

The bombshell has been on a role since filing for divorce In September from her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, having published her book, New York Times Best Seller My Body, and starting her podcast, High Low with Emrata.

The Bodies, Bodies, Bodies producer was accused of nonconsensual sex and grooming by three different women on March 29, all of which allegedly took place while he was still married to Emily.

However, the model has an untouchable aura around her that has led to nothing but an upward trajectory at the moment.

Emily Ratajkowski selfie
Emily Ratajkowski showed off her style in a gold silk blouse. Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski has been linked to several eligible men despite her claims of being a past “pick me girl”

While her career has been taking off like never before, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to date a string of eligible men, though at the moment, that isn’t her main focus.

In an interview with Amy Kaufman for The Los Angeles Times, published yesterday, Emily spoke a bit about her dating history, which allegedly includes comedian Eric Andre, Kim Kardashian’s ex Pete Davidson, and even Brad Pitt for a hot minute.

Most recently, she’s been linked to former One Direction member Harry Styles as the pair were seen in a hot and heavy makeout session in Tokyo. She told the outlet, “There’s a million insane, inaccurate things about my relationships [that are said].”

She added, “I’m definitely still not thinking about guys. Although, yeah. You know, sometimes things just happen.”

With her dating history, it appears the brunette bombshell has really come into her own. In October 2022, she spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about having been a “pick me girl” in the past.

She explained that if she went on a date with a guy, she would spend the entire time wondering how she was being perceived rather than thinking about whether or not she liked them. It’s something many women can definitely relate to.

Emily recently became the face of the Spring Summer ’23 Versace campaign

Emily recently posed for the Versace Spring Summer ’23 campaign that included tons of the regal color purple, which is incredibly fitting for the queen that she is.

The brand claimed on the website that it’s a collection with “a dark gothic goddess in mind.”

In one shot from the promo Emily shared on her Instagram, she wore a pair of flared jeans featuring denim and leather along with a leather belt at the top.

They cost $4,875 and are fittingly called the Denim Leather Pants.

Who knows what exactly Emily will do next, but it’s sure to make people stand up and listen.

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