NSYNC to reunite at MTV VMAs and boy band members are already in NYC

NSYNC Star Ceremony in Los Angeles
NSYNC is rumored to be among surprise musical acts appearing at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Pic credit: ©

Those rumors of an NSYNC reunion appear accurate, as the popular boy band will take the stage for the MTV Video Music Awards to perform for fans.

Speculation arrived recently with online sleuths uncovering an NSYNC TikTok had started up out of nowhere.

Monsters and Critics reported about the NSYNC reunion rumors as a TikToker also shared that the group manager was one of the new TikTok account’s followers.

It was already revealed that the group will reunite to record new music for the upcoming animated Trolls sequel, which they’ll also appear in.

Several of the boy band’s original members were recently spotted in New York City, which isn’t far from where the 2023 MTV VMAs will occur.

With teaser posters also popping up around NYC, the group could possibly debut their first new song together in over two decades at the annual awards show.

NSYNC posters and group members spotted in NYC

Driving the speculation that NSYNC will appear at Tuesday night’s MTV VMAs are the Trolls posters that began appearing around New York City over a week ago. These posters (below) feature some of the Trolls characters’ hair and NSYNC’s logo as part of the design. A scannable QR code is also on them.

According to @misssion_nsync, the QR code leads to, where fans can pre-save a song on Apple and Spotify, as well as sign up for a newsletter. Take You to a Better Place will be the group’s song recorded for the upcoming third film in the Trolls series.

In addition to the recent posters, three of the band boy’s members were spotted in parts of NYC recently. The group’s most successful solo artist, Justin Timberlake, was among the spectators at the recent US Open tennis tournament and the Monday Night Football game hosted by the New York Jets.

A fan’s photo taken with Joey Fatone in NYC also surfaced online. Lance Bass shared an IG post (below) of himself and a companion dining at Sartiano’s restaurant in downtown NYC.

“Finally got this one out of the Amazon to have dinner. Reunited and it feels so good,” Bass said in his caption, potentially hinting at NSYNC’s reunion.

In addition to Timberlake, Fatone, and Bass, NSYNC’s group members included founder Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez. Kirkpatrick and Chasez hadn’t been spotted in NYC but could be on their way there or are already hiding ahead of a performance.

The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards take place at the nearby Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, making NYC an ideal spot to stay ahead of their rumored performance.

Boy band could debut their new music at MTV VMAs

According to TMZ, sources indicate NSYNC will present during the MTV VMAs. However, a surprise performance would mark the group’s 10th anniversary of reuniting to perform at the awards show.

In 2013, NSYNC wowed fans at the show, including Taylor Swift, as they performed a medley of hits Girlfriend and Bye, Bye, Bye.

It’s worth noting that Girlfriend was the last song NSYNC released together before going their separate ways in their lives and careers. A performance on Tuesday night could introduce their first song since that 2001 hit.

Another interesting tidbit is that Swift, who was among the dancing crowd members during NSYNC’s 2013 MTV VMAs appearance, will host the 2023 edition.

Timberlake was one of the stars of the animated comedy and adventure film Trolls, which featured his smash hit Can’t Stop the Feeling. JT returns for the third film in the series, Trolls Band Together, reprising his voice role as Branch. In addition, his bandmates have surprise voice roles in the movie.

A trailer dropped back in May revealing that Timberlake’s character Branch and his four brothers were part of a boy band named BroZone, which seems to hint at his connection with NSYNC.

Trolls Band Together will arrive in theaters on November 17, 2023. With that still a few months away, NSYNC fans are ready to see their favorite boy band of all time together again on stage at Tuesday’s MTV VMAs.

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