Nike is suing art collective MSCHF over Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X shows off his controversial “Satan Shoes.” Pic credit: Lil Nas X/YouTube

Nike is suing MSCHF Product Studio, the art collective that collaborated with Rapper Lil Nas X to make controversial “Satan Shoes” — which contain a drop of human blood.

Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes look like modified Nike Air Max 97s and also have the brand’s “swoosh” logo.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Nike is alleging that MSCHF made consumers believe that the company authorized and endorsed the Satan Shoes although they are “in no way connected to this project.”

MSCHF reportedly bought the shoes from Nike before their artists creatively modified the original product and resold them, according to TMZ.

Nike is suing for trademark infringement

Nike is suing MSCHF for trademark infringement because the shoes display Nike’s familiar “swoosh” logo on the Satan Shoes.

The sportswear company is asking for damages and also wants the court to stop the sales of the controversial shoes, according to TMZ.

Nike is claiming to have suffered “significant harm to its goodwill, including among consumers who believe that Nike is endorsing satanism,” according to Business Insider.

The company previously distanced itself from the Satan-themed product after Christian and conservative commenters voiced outrage.

“We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF,” Nike said in a statement, according to NBC News. “Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.”

Lil Nas X responded on Twitter

Lil Nas X took to Twitter today to react to the news that Nike was suing MSCHF, with a video joking that he could me made homeless. However, he is reportedly not named as a defendant in Nike’s lawsuit.

Lil Naz X had earlier responded to a Twitter user who claimed that the Satan-themed video and shoes — released to coincide with the release of the Satan-themed music video for his song Montero — were “targeting kids.”

“There was no system involved. I made the decision to create the music video. I am an adult,” Nas X fired back. “I am not gonna spend my entire career trying to cater to your children. That is your job.”

He also posted a mock apology on YouTube in response to the backlash over his video and shoes.

Lil Nas X released his Satan Shoes alongside the video for his song Montero

Lil Nas X collaborated with MSCHF to release the custom Satan Shoes alongside the music video for his song Montero (Call Me By Your Name).

The music video, which, at the time of writing had been viewed on YouTube more than 43 million times, sparked an uproar due to its dark imagery filled with references to Satan and Hell.

The video shows the rapper sliding down a pole to hell where he gives Satan a lap dance.

Ahead of their official release on Monday, it was revealed that each of the 666 pairs of Satan Shoes made contained a drop of human blood in the sole. The blood was reportedly donated by members of the MSCHF team.

The shoes also have a pentagram attached to the front and a reference to Luke 10:18: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

All 666 pairs of shoes released on Monday sold out quickly for $1,018 per pair, according to NBC.

The latest controversy involving Lil Nas X comes after he came under fire in January 2020 for celebrating his first Grammy while people were grieving the death of the NBA star Kobe Bryant.

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