Nicolas Cage confronts several wild rumors during rare talk show appearance

Nicolas Cage on the red carpet
Nicolas Cage has admitted the truth to a lot of wild rumors. Pic credit: ©

Actor Nicolas Cage hadn’t been on a chat show in 14 years, and in the intervening time, a number of particularly wild rumors circulated around the Hollywood actor.

On Wednesday night, the National Treasure actor finally sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to address some of these rumors.

And it turns out a lot of them are true. These true rumors have ranged from owning a two-headed snake to winning $20,000 at a casino, and wanting to explore a cave completely naked. Oh, and a foul-mouth crow and some stalking mimes are also involved.

Nicolas Cage addressed a number of wild rumors with Jimmy Kimmel

The 58-year-old Raising Arizona star doesn’t own a two-headed snake, but he did for a bit. He said the animal oddity proved to be such a difficult pet that he had to give it away to a zoo. Apparently, the two heads of the frankly terrifying creature would regularly try to eat each other.

Sticking with pets, Cage said he currently owns a pet African pied crow, which, just like a parrot, can talk, and recently called him an “a**hole.” Cage said the swear came out of nowhere, and he didn’t know why his pet had abused him like that.

Cage also admitted to winning $20,000 at a roulette table in a casino in the Bahamas in the early 2000s. Incredibly, the actor had begun the night with only $200, but he evidently got really lucky. He explained: “It was one of those nights where you feel like the mojo was with you, and nothing was going to go wrong.”

The awesome actor also revealed that he handed all his winnings over to the headmistress of a local children’s orphanage. But, Cage has never gambled since, as that would ruin the “magic.”

Nicolas Cage wanted to explore a cave naked

Cage also admitted to wanting to buy a cave in North Dakota, so he and his wife could explore it naked. Sadly, the purchase fell through.

The actor also discussed how he was stalked by a couple of mimes. Cage claimed he challenged the pair: “who are you people?” he asked them, and true to character they refrained from talking, but did leave.

Cage had called an end to his late-night chat show hiatus to promote his new movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. The movie is an action-comedy that also stars Pedro Pascal and Lily Mo Sheen.

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