Nick Cannon admits he practiced birth control, says women ‘still got pregnant’

Nick Cannon.
Nick Cannon opened up about his many children. Pic credit: © Faye Sadou/AdMedia

Nick Cannon has caught plenty of flak over recent years for how many children he’s fathered.

In total, Nick currently has 12 children.

According to The Masked Singer host, all of his children have been intentional, and he works to be as present as possible in each of their lives.

His journey to fatherhood began during his marriage to mega-star Mariah Carey when the former couple welcomed their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, in 2011.

Since then, Nick has gone on to father 10 more children with multiple women.

In a recent chat with Howie Mandel, Nick opened up about his many children and the reason he believes each of them has been conceived.

Nick Cannon talks about his multiple children and how he got their mothers pregnant

While appearing on Howie’s podcast entitled Howie Mandel Does Stuff, the topic of Nick’s children was a subject they were sure to broach.

According to Nick, he believes that his “super sperm” is the reason he’s been able to father so many children in recent years.

“I’m gonna be honest, I got some super sperm or something ’cause I’ve practiced birth control, and people still got pregnant,” he told the America’s Got Talent judge.

Despite his reputation, Nick elaborated that he attempts to be “as responsible” as possible in his life and further added that he’s consistently learning.

“It’s hard to be responsible when you have super sperm,” he joked.

Nick Cannon breaks down his fitness

While Nick may claim that being responsible is difficult, one thing he is able to take seriously is his fitness.

In a video upload from June 2022, Nick opened up to Men’s Health about his workout routine.

Joined by celebrity trainer Eric Small and his son, Golden, Nick gave viewers an inside look at a few of his daily exercises.

Nick explained that he tries to work out twice a day. In the daytime, he tackles his core fitness, while in the evening, Nick chooses the muscle group he wants to work on and focuses on isolating that area.

Throughout the video, Nick and Eric shared a workout routine that included a core circuit warmup and a “bodyweight strength workout.”

Showing off his skills and overall strength, Nick engaged in exercises, including L-Sit to Handstands, where Nick used his power to move his bodyweight from a hovering position into a handstand.

He then moved on to Dip to L-Sits before throwing himself into increasingly tricky moves.

“Come on, players. We do this,” Nick gloated as the video came to an end.

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