NFL players slam Chad Wheeler after his arrest on charges of beating girlfriend Alleah

Chad Wheeler in interview
Former Seattle Seahawk Chad Wheeler has been charged with beating up his girlfriend. Pic credit: MSG Networks/YouTube

NFL players and fans have taken to Twitter to slam Seattle Seahawks lineman Chad Wheeler after he was arrested on charges of violently attacking his girlfriend.

Prosecutors formally charged the player yesterday with first-degree domestic violence assault and domestic violence unlawful imprisonment.

He was also charged with resisting arrest. It’s claimed that it took three officers to wrestle the massive Wheeler to the ground so they could get him into custody. At one point, the cops reportedly used a taser gun on the lineman but they said it had little effect.

Wheeler was fired by the Seahawks shortly after he was charged.

The incident occurred over the weekend when Wheeler is alleged to have beaten his girlfriend, known as Alleah, twice to unconsciousness. He is accused of twice choking her by holding her nose and mouth and squeezing on her neck.

At one point, he is claimed to have said to Alleah, “Wow, you’re still alive,” while he calmly ate dinner.

The alleged victim, Alleah, managed to phone the police and told them that her boyfriend was trying to kill her. The reason for the argument was reportedly that Alleah had refused to bow to Wheeler.

NFL players voiced their anger at Chad Wheeler

NFL fans as well as former and current players have voiced their anger online at Wheeler’s reported behavior and have called on the football community to do more to tackle domestic abuse.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant didn’t mince his words when he wrote on Twitter that he “wouldn’t mind making the news breaking something across” Wheeler’s head.

He started the tweet by addressing Wheeler directly and said if they ever meet, they would be going “toe to toe.”

Dez Bryant threatens Chad Wheeler
Pic credit: DezBryant/Twitter

Former linebacker for the Browns and Eagles and current sports analyst Emmanuel Acho tweeted pictures, said to be of the victim’s injuries, and wrote: “If you’re not outraged, you’re part of the problem.”

He added that the NFL should handle this “swiftly and decisively”.

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Zach Banner took to Twitter to say he used to share a room with Wheeler, and he thinks he’s “completely different” now to how he was back then.

He added: “What he did was heart breaking, and I will never forgive.”

Zach Banner tweets about Wheeler
Pic credit: @ZBNFL/Twitter

Former New England Patriot Darius Butler tweeted that he hoped “this dude Chad Wheeler gets what’s coming to him.” He added: “I hope the young lady has a speedy recovery and is kept safe!”

Darius Butler send sympathy to the victim
Pic credit: @DariusJButler/Twitter

Chad Wheeler said manic episode caused him to beat girlfriend Alleah

For his part, Wheeler has blamed the alleged attack on a “manic episode.” On a Twitter thread, the lineman apologized for the pain he had caused Alleah and her family.

He added that he would be walking away from football so he can get the help he needs.

Chad Wheeler tweet
Pic credit: @ChadWheeler72/Twitter

In other news today, YouTuber Jacksepticeye announced he was taking a break from all online activities after the death of his father. Other YouTube celebrities were quick to offer their condolences.

Also, Sniper Gang rapper Jackboy took to Instagram Live to brag about his Lamborghini crash.

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