Sniper Gang’s Jackboy crashes Lamborghini, brags about it on Instagram

Rapper Jackboy is a member of the Sniper Gang rap group. Pic credit: 1804 Jackboy/YouTube

Sniper Gang rapper Jackboy recently took to Instagram Live to share images of his wrecked Lamborghini after a crash.

A copy of the footage posted to the Instagram account of the hip-hop news and entertainment reporter DJ Akademiks (Livingston Allen), shows the car’s dented fender, hood, and bumper.

“#jackboy wrecks his Lamborghini,” akademiks captioned the video.

In the video (see below), rapper Jackboy shows off a thick wad of cash while bragging that he can afford to damage the car because it was not rented. He went on to brag that fixing the hood of his car would cost him as much as others need to buy a new car.

“If you can’t buy a car four, five, six, seven, [hunnid] million times you might as well not buy it,” he said.

Fans react on social media

As of this writing, the video was viewed more than 250,000 times. It elicited many comments from fans.

Some fans suggested that Jackboy crashed the car because he was so excited after President Donald Trump granted a pardon to his jailed Sniper Gang mate Kodak Black.

Other’s expressed disapproval of his behavior.

“Highlight of his nonexistent career,” one Instagram user commented sarcastically.

Jackboy also posted a photo of his damaged Lamborghini to his Instagram page

The 23-year-old Pompano Beach rapper also took to his Instagram page to share a photo of the car with his 1.6 million followers.

The photo shows the damaged hood of the car. The rapper shows off a thick wad of cash and expensive-looking watches on his wrist.

“I Do What I Want You Do What You Can I Stashed Away A Mil Just In Case S**t Don’t Go As Planned,” he captioned the photo.

Some of his fans seemed appalled by the damage to the expensive car.

“I know u ain’t just crash that nice a** car,” one fan reacted with disbelief.

“Not the lambo!!!!!!!!!” another shocked fan wrote.

But others appeared to cheer the rapper’s ostentatious display.

Jackboy celebrated Kodak Black’s release from prison last week

Jackboy’s latest social media stunt comes after President Donald Trump granted a pardon to rapper Kodak Black, Jackboy’s best friend, and fellow Sniper Gang member.

Jackboy took to Instagram Live to thank President Trump for pardoning “all the hood n*****.”

Monsters and Critics reported back in April 2019 that Kodak Black was arrested on weapons and drug charges ahead of a schedule performance in Boston.

In November 2019, he was sentenced to nearly four years in prison on federal gun charges.

Who is Jackboy?

Jackboy’s real name is Pierre Delince. He was born in Haiti in August 1997. His family moved to South Florida in the U.S. when he was six years old, and settled in Pompano Beach

He lived in Golden Acres, a poor public housing project in Pompano Beach.

There he met and made friends with rapper Kodak Black (Bill K. Kapri) who founded the rap group Sniper Gang.

Jackboy told the Miami New Times that while growing up in Golden Acres, he became involved in crime. He was arrested for the first time at the age of 11 after breaking into a house.

After multiple arrests, he was sent to a detention center for juvenile offenders and remained there until he was 17 years old.

He continued to have brushes with the law and served time due to various serious criminal offenses until his rap career took off.

He released his first mixtape, Stick Up Kid, in December 2016.

He released his 17-track debut album, Jackboy, in April 2020. The album featured top artists such as YFN Lucci, Lil Sean, and Blac Youngsta.

He also released Living In History in August.

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