Myka Stauffer adoption scandal pushes Kate Hudson and Fabletics to cut ties

Myka Stauffer adoption scandal pushes Kate Hudson and Fabletics to cut ties
Kate Hudson and Fabletics have severed ties with YouTuber Myka Stauffer. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/ImagePressAgency

The dominos continue to fall for YouTube star Myka Stauffer after she decided to “re-home” the child she adopted three years ago because he is autistic.

Since the decision, Stauffer has faced a massive backlash, and she has started to lose sponsors. Kate Hudson and Fabletics are the latest to cut ties with the YouTuber.

Kate Hudson severs ties with Myka Stauffer

Kate Hudson and her sportswear company Fabletics have ended their business relationship with Myka Stauffer.

When a Twitter user posted that they will not purchase from any company that does business with Stauffer, Fabletics responded to the tweet.

“We appreciate you flagging this. We can confirm that Fabletics is no longer working with Myka.”

Us Weekly reported that Kate Hudson also responded.

Hudson, a mother of three children herself, also responded on Twitter and said that Stauffer was “terminated.”

Hudson’s company follows several others who refuse to do business with Stauffer any longer. Playtex Baby, Chili’s Suave, and Big Lots all cut ties with Stauffer as well.

Furthermore, Mattel, who paid her to show Barbie dolls in sponsored posts, also cut ties with the YouTuber.

“Thanks for reaching out and voicing your concern,” a social media manager for Barbie wrote after several users who called for the brand to drop Myka. “We are not currently working with the Stauffer family and do not have plans to partner with them in the future.”

Myka Stauffer and the criticism

The problems that fans have with Myka Stauffer is not only because she gave up on a child after three years to re-home him like an unwanted pet.

There have been several photos released by fans that show the child might be in a better place no longer living with Stauffer. One included a thumb shucking incident.

In one photo, Stauffer’s birth daughter was sucking her thumb in a picture. In a second, it showed the parents duck-taped his thumb to his hand.

However, with that said, many of the people online who have attacked Stauffer about the incident pointed out that she built her YouTube channel and source of income mostly after adopting Huxley.

Many people want her videos showing her raising Huxley since the adoption to be demonetized by YouTube. The thought is that, since she no longer felt she could raise an autistic child, she should no longer profit from him.

For her part, Myka Stauffer called the online response to her decision to be “insidious” and “hurtful.”

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