Myka Stauffer: YouTuber ‘rehomes’ adopted son Huxley, hit by furious social media backlash

YouTuber Myka Stauffer and her husband James
YouTuber Myka Stauffer and husband James came under fire after they revealed they were rehoming baby Huxley. Pic credit: Myka Stauffer/YouTube

YouTuber Myka Stauffer is facing a furious online backlash after she revealed that she has “rehomed” a baby boy with special needs that she and her husband James adopted more than two years ago.

Following the revelation, many  took to social media to accuse Myka of abandoning Huxley and described her action as “exploitative” and “predatory.”

Myka and husband James adopted Huxley from China

Myka and her husband James adopted Huxley from China back in October 2017. She told her YouTube subscribers at the time that Huxley, who is now four years old, had “stolen” her heart.

Huxley was diagnosed with autism and a brain cyst

On Tuesday, May 26, Myka posted a video (see video below) with her husband James in which she revealed to her stunned YouTube subscribers that Huxley was going to a “new forever home.”

Teary-eyed, she explained that she decided to rehome Huxley after discovering that he had other medical needs besides autism and a brain cyst. She claimed they were not told and were not aware of the other medical needs at the time they adopted him.

“After multiple assessments, after multiple evaluations, numerous medical professionals have felt that he needed a different fit in his medical needs.”

Myka suffered a huge backlash

Myka and James came under fire on YouTube and Twitter after she uploaded the video in which she tried to explain why they decided to rehome Huxley.

“I’m sorry but you did fail as a mum. You wouldn’t have given up your own child,” one YouTube user wrote.

“I just truly am having a hard time wrapping my head around how you can decide it’s best to give your child up for adoption,” another YouTuber wrote.

However, some of the comments on YouTube were sympathetic:

“I’m so heartbroken for all of you. I couldn’t imagine having to make that choice, but I’ve seen how much you all loved little Hux,” a YouTube user responded.

Twitter reactions under the hashtag #cancelmykastauffer were generally harsher.

Some Twitter users posted allegations that the Stauffers — who have four other children — exploited Huxley for financial gain by making YouTube videos in which they documented the process of adopting him and updated fans on his progress.

Some social media users started a petition on

Some social media users started a petition on, demanding that Myka and her husband remove all monetized content featuring Huxley.

“The recent re-homing of Huxley Stauffer has been heartbreaking. These people need to stop exploiting and profiting off of Huxley immediately! Their YouTube channel skyrocketed thanks to Huxley!”

The petition alleged that since the Stauffers adopted Huxley and started posting monetized content about him on social media, they had bought a new home.

Myka defended herself against the allegations

Myka Stauffer responded to the allegations that she failed as a mother to Huxley, describing the accusations as “insidious” and “hurtful.”

“Do I feel like a failure as a mom? Like, 500 percent,” she said in the YouTube video.

She attempted to defend her decision, saying that she and her husband did not share “95 percent of the struggles” that they went through caring for Huxley. She said they could not share everything out of respect for Huxley’s privacy.

She added that they had found a new family for Huxley that they believed would ultimately be the “the best fit” for him.

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