Morgan Wallen’s team denies singer was ‘too drunk’ to perform at canceled concert

Morgan Wallen close-up photo.
Morgan Wallen’s team is denying recent claims. Pic credit: © Laura Farr/AdMedia

Morgan Wallen’s label disputed the widely spread rumor that the singer was too drunk to perform on Sunday. 

The 29-year-old singer was set to perform in Oxford, Mississippi, on Sunday when he canceled his performance just a few minutes before he was supposed to take the stage. 

In a new statement, Wallen said in an Instagram Story that he worked with a doctor on vocal exercises and spent the day resting when he realized he was losing his voice. 

Wallen was trashed online by his fans following the cancellation, with many skeptical about the reason for his no-show at the at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

The rumor that Wallen was intoxicated was fueled by a TikTok video that was shared on Twitter. The video showed a security guard at the event who claimed the singer was taken away in an ambulance because he couldn’t walk and was drunk. 

“Losing his voice is bullcrap,” the unnamed officer said in the video. 

Morgan Wallen’s label and the guard’s employer dispute his claim

Both the guard’s employer and Wallen’s label have responded to the viral claim about the singer allegedly being intoxicated. 

“A hired employee of BEST Crowd Management made false claims as it related to last night’s Morgan Wallen concert and we do not stand behind the detail in his statement,” the security company wrote on its Instagram Story seen by Page Six

According to the outlet, Big Loud Records CEO and co-founder Seth England reposted the message on his IG Story and added: “Thank you @bestcrowdmanagement for correcting your employee, who made up an entire story that was nowhere close to true. Every detail was false. Laughable what some people will just say for a reaction.”

It is unclear whether the guard has suffered any repercussions for the video, and he was not identified in the statement. 

Wallen said in an Instagram Story that he worked with a doctor on vocal exercises and spent the day resting when he realized he was losing his voice. 

Fan lawsuit filed against Morgan Wallen has been dismissed

A fan filed a class action lawsuit against Wallen the next day after he abruptly canceled his scheduled performance. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the lawsuit was withdrawn in federal court, but attorney Casey Lott pledged to refile.

“The (first) lawsuit was mistakenly filed based on a misunderstanding. The lawsuit has been dismissed, and the case is closed,” Lott told a local newspaper, continuing: 

“We plan to refile the class action lawsuit with a new plaintiff in the coming days.”

The lawsuit argued that concert-goers should be refunded for ticket prices as well as out-of-pocket expenses they incurred in connection with the canceled show. 

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Mark Pinkard
Mark Pinkard
11 months ago

Best thing to do is stay away from Oxford/Ole Miss. Ole Miss fans a whiney cry babies.