Michael Strahan replaced on GMA following his daughter’s diagnosis reveal

good morning america host michael strahan face shot from abc gma
Michael Strahan has been away from GMA for several episodes after his daughter’s stunning diagnosis reveal on the show. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan has missed several installments of the program following last week’s emotional reveal.

Strahan, 52, appeared on GMA alongside his daughter, Isabella, 19, last week for a sit-down interview with Robin Roberts.

During their chat, Isabella spoke about her brain cancer tumor diagnosis, the successful surgery, and the treatment she is currently undergoing.

The stunning story appeared on Thursday’s episode. A follow-up segment featuring Isabella’s doctor and additional details about her health situation aired on Friday.

Strahan was one of the anchors on both episodes but has been absent in the current week.

With that, he had a replacement on the recent episodes, with fans likely wondering about his status.

Strahan had a replacement on recent GMA episodes

On the January 15 episode of Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos welcomed viewers as he sat at the desk alongside Robin Roberts.

Their co-anchor, Michael Strahan, was absent, although that is regularly the situation for him during the NFL season as he works on the West Coast with Fox for Fox NFL Sunday. 

While the NFL Playoffs have arrived, Strahan participated in a different show in a different time slot ahead of Fox’s coverage of the Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys.

Strahan was also absent from the Tuesday, January 16 episode. On both of ABC’s GMA installments, he was replaced by Gito Benitez.

The Tuesday show was particularly special for Benitez, as his co-anchor revealed.

“Good morning, America. We’re glad that Gito came to ABC 11 years ago today,” Roberts revealed in one segment.

Benitez shared a clip of the GMA video on his official Instagram account.

“I love these humans. 🥹 Thank you, @robinrobertsgma, @gstephanopoulos, @lara.spencer, and @sswinkgma!” he wrote in a caption celebrating the moment.

Benitez joked with co-anchor Stephanopoulos about when they first met. According to their story, Stephanopoulos refused to shake hands with him until he used hand sanitizer because they were reporting on the flu spreading at the time.

Following the joking around, Gito introduced a more serious story about the “dangerous weather” around the country.

Strahan’s GMA return timetable is unknown

With Benitez in place of Strahan on two episodes, viewers might wonder if Strahan took a break to be with his family or if there was another reason for his absence. GMA did not explain why he was absent or reveal if he’d be back this week.

Strahan’s work on the West Coast may have resulted in an extended stay there, as difficult travel conditions affected many parts of the country, including the East Coast.

On Monday, New York City issued a travel advisory through Tuesday evening. The advisory cites the potential for four inches of snowfall, ice accumulations, and “slippery conditions” as reasons for New Yorkers to “exercise caution.”

His daughter revealed her diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a brain cancer tumor diagnosis, last week. The health crisis arrived in the final months of 2023. Strahan missed over two weeks of TV appearances due to a “personal family matter,” as his daughter had surgery and treatment. Strahan returned to GMA in November 2023.

On last Friday’s GMA, Isabella’s doctor revealed that her surgery to remove the tumor was successful, and it wasn’t spreading elsewhere.

Following the airing of the story on GMA, Strahan and his daughter received overwhelming support from friends, fans, and followers.

While Isabella has completed radiation therapy after the surgery, she’ll undergo chemotherapy on the East Coast via Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center starting next month.

Isabella is documenting and sharing more about her story, including her treatment and recovery, through a YouTube channel.

Strahan may miss other TV appearances due to being with his daughter and family amid her ongoing treatments.

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Ann Lunch
Ann Lunch
4 months ago

He is a good father and to release him for family dutys you people are nothing! I want to watch good bye