Michael Strahan reveals scary truth behind his long GMA absence

Michael Strahan on the red carpet
Michael Strahan revealed his daughter has brain cancer. Pic credit: ©

Good Morning America viewers were shocked when Michael Strahan spoke about his lengthy absence last fall.

Details surrounding what was happening in the former football player’s life were kept incredibly quiet.

Several days into his absence from GMA and his NFL commentary gig, it was confirmed there was a family emergency. No details were given, but concern grew as his time away became longer and longer.

During a segment on the ABC morning show, Michael opened up about what kept him away.

His daughter, Isabella Strahan, was diagnosed with brain cancer in October.

And to show her bravery, she sat down with Robin Roberts and her famous dad to talk about what her journey has been like since finding out about her cancer last fall.

Isabella Strahan has brain cancer

Michael Strahan’s lengthy absence from Good Morning America was due to his daughter, Isabella, finding out she had brain cancer.

When the father and daughter duo sat down with Robin Roberts, they talked about what happened and what led them to where they are today.

Isabella believed she had vertigo after experiencing headaches for months. Michael recalled that he had talked about her headaches with the GMA crew right around the time he got the scary call.

Her condition worsened, and Isabella began throwing up blood. From there, tests were run, and after an MRI, she was told to head directly to Cedars-Sinai.

She was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, which accounts for less than 20 percent of all childhood brain tumors.

On October 27, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor. It was just one day before she turned 19.

Isabella talks about her journey

Isabella Strahan has had a tough road while trying to keep her diagnosis quiet. Being Michael Strahan’s daughter comes with a lot of pressure, and this situation is big.

After her emergency surgery in October, Isabella had to relearn how to walk. She is still walking through this cancer journey, revealing she finished radiation and rang the bell.

Michael Strahan became emotional about the situation, especially when she teared up. He told Robin Roberts he learned he wasn’t as strong as he thought when faced with something like this.

Her chemo will be done at Duke, and she hopes that she can return to school again. As she goes through this journey, she will be sharing her story.

Robin said it best when she said, “You’re turning your mess into your message.”

We wish Isabella Strahan well as she continues her cancer battle.

Good Morning America airs Monday through Saturday mornings on ABC.

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