Miami basketball twins Hanna and Haley Cavinder to begin training with WWE soon

hanna and haley cavinder on instagram video
Hanna and Haley Cavinder will begin training at WWE Performance Center in the spring. Pic credit: @thecavindertwins/Instagram

Hanna and Haley Cavinder, also known as the Cavinder twins, are ready to transition from the basketball court to the wrestling ring.

They reached stardom thanks to social media, as the twins played for the University of Miami Hurricanes, with the team famously reaching the Elite Eight in this year’s NCAA Women’s Tournament.

Questions loomed after that magical run through the Big Dance about whether Haley and Hanna would continue playing college basketball or venture off in a different direction.

As Monsters and Critics reported, the twin sisters recently revealed they were foregoing their final season of college basketball season so they could potentially focus on working with WWE.

Now, it appears they will get started on that journey as they prepare to begin work at the WWE Performance Center, where all future WWE stars get their in-ring training.

Their agent Jeff Hoffman recently spoke about their “potential” careers in professional wrestling as they look toward training with WWE.

The Cavinder twins are ‘open to exploring’ WWE opportunity

Speaking with The Street, Hoffman discussed how the twins would begin training at WWE Performance Center in the spring. Hoffman said they are “open to exploring” opportunities with WWE, becoming the next social media stars to get under the spotlight in the wrestling ring.

They’d follow in the footsteps of Logan Paul, who has now competed in several high-profile matches with the company, including a recent bout at WrestleMania 39 against Seth Rollins. Ironically, TMZ reported recently that the duo became business partners with Logan’s brother, Jake Paul.

As far as WWE goes, Hoffman believes this could really be a significant step in the right direction as the twins move away from their college basketball days.

“The potential — what could be — I think they’d be excited if that type of opportunity presented itself for them to be main features in the WWE. WWE fans provide such positive comments, feedback, and energy to the twins,” Hoffman said of the twins’ potential wrestling careers.

Before ever being part of a wrestling match, live show, or televised live show with WWE, the twins will need to undergo training to ensure they’re ready.

“The WWE, they have a very specific training process — They don’t just fit people into storylines and say, ‘Here you go.'” Hoffman told The Street. “The twins are D1 athletes, they’re extremely fit, healthy, exercise constantly, but there’s also a process through the training to make sure you understand not only movements but safety.”

The twins were among the first college athletes to sign with WWE under their Next In Line program, which features athletes from various sports, including gymnastics, football, and wrestling. In September 2021, WWE revealed that University of Minnesota wrestler and Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson also signed with the program.

WWE’s Next In Line came about after the 2021 NCAA policy arrived, where college athletes could profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). WWE’s program helps college athletes develop into future stars in the world of sports entertainment.

Hanna and Haley Cavinder have worked with various brands

While still in college and playing basketball, Hanna and Haley Cavinder made significant earnings through the NIL as they partnered with and promoted various brands and products.

During their appearance on NBC’s Today, they revealed they had two long-term partnerships, one of which was with Caktus AI, an artificial intelligence software geared toward helping college students with their assignments.

They said they had one other that fit with their love for sports, business, and fitness but didn’t reveal what it was then. That could be their recent reveal of working with Jake Paul’s Betr.

A few days ago, they promoted LifeWallet, sharing an entertaining advertisement video in which they played basketball outside. Instead of going one-on-one, the sisters had a small army of clones ready to hoop.


Double the talent. Double the Protection. With @lifewalletmsp biometric security, not even a clone can break through the press… #lifewalletpartner #ad

♬ original sound – Hanna & Haley Cavinder

At one point, Hanna notices her supposed sisterly opponent is glitching. She pulls out her phone and performs a facial recognition scan, with the LifeWallet app revealing it doesn’t detect her sister Haley.

“Double the talent. Double the Protection. With @lifewalletmsp biometric security, not even a clone can break through the press… #lifewalletpartner #ad,” they wrote in their caption.

Based on LifeWallet’s description, the company began in 2014 as MSP Recovery and is a “Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and secondary payer reimbursement recovery leader disrupting the antiquated healthcare reimbursement system with data-driven solutions to secure recoveries from responsible parties.”

The extent of LifeWallet’s partnership with the Cavinder twins is currently unknown. However, the twins will likely endorse many additional brands as they move forth with their next steps after basketball.

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