Meghan Markle was left out of Prince Harry’s big interview

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at separate events.
Meghan Markle was left out of Prince Harry’s big interview and royal experts weighed in as to why. Pic credit: ©

During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s working Valentine’s Day trip to Canada, reporters are everywhere wanting interviews.

Prince Harry consented to a considerable interview with Will Reeve from Good Moring America. The extensive interview covered several topics about Harry’s royal life.

In the interview, Will asks the Prince many questions, ranging from how he feels about his dad’s (King Charles) cancer outlook to whether or not he has considered American citizenship.

The answer to the former is, “That stays between me and him.” The latter is, “I have considered it, yeah,” Prince Harry has said, according to The Daily Mail.

A glaring omission in the interviews is that Meghan Markle is not present in them at all. Harry interviewed on his own without Meghan.

Angela Levin, a royal expert, shared her thoughts on why Meghan was not included in the interview, even though Good Morning America advertised her as being there.

Where was Meghan during Harry’s interview?

According to The Sun, Meghan was not mentioned during the interview. Angela Levin, a royal expert, told The Sun that it could be because of Meghan’s public relations company.

Meghan and Harry have come under fire recently because they rebranded this week. A new website and company behind it added to Meghan’s new podcast on Lemonda.

Angela Levin said that Meghan, “was always there, having her picture taken and looking very glamorous, and that’s what she cares about.”

“I suspect that her PRs didn’t want her to say anything that might change this vision of herself,” she concluded to The Sun.

The conjecture is that Meghan could say something that would tarnish her glamourous reputation and cause bad press for the couple.

Despite the rumors that WME dropped Meghan, she is still on their talent roster, and they seem to be advising her about her interviews, according to The Royal Observer.

Harry and Meghan were given a warm welcome to the Invictus Games

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 team shared photos of Harry and Meghan interacting with fans and competitors in a wheelchair basketball game.

The Invictus Games team also shared lovely photos of Harry and Meghan watching outdoor sports. This weekend is centered around the athletes and allowing them to practice for the games next year.

Invictus is close to Harry’s heart and was a perfect choice for him to take Meghan for Valentine’s Day. The couple got a great deal of good press during the holiday and hopefully got in some romantic couple time and maybe even skied a bit.

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