Meghan Markle should run for Senate according to former co-star

Meghan Markle at a random event
Meghan Markle running for senate could be a reality if a former co-star has her way. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle could be featured in a political ad running for Senate ahead of a presidential run if a co-worker’s recommendation for her comes true.

Erika Alexander played in the hit television show Suits as the character Sarah Leighton alongside Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane character.

Meghan Markle has made a name for herself with her charitable endeavors with her husband, Prince Harry.

The couple runs the Archewell Foundation despite a recent hiccup: a check was mislaid, causing a pause in their charitable status.

Now, her former costar, Erika, is speaking out about Meghan and what she should focus on politically in the future.

Meghan’s character on Suits started as a paralegal, and that experience and her real-life activism could propel her toward her ultimate goal of becoming president.

Meghan’s costar wants her to run and offers to run her campaign

Erika was asked by the Sun how she felt about Meghan’s political future. Erika shared much about Meghan and what she thinks she could do.

“She was doing great work as an activist, and I think she’d be a great senator,” Erika told the Sun. “Run, run, I’ll come and run that campaign, and we’ll get this done. You hear me? We’re going to have a great time, and we’ll wear a nice little tiara the whole time,” she concluded.

Meghan’s charity’s tagline is “Show Up, Do Good,” which is precisely the sentiment that Erica means when she references what could happen politically should she decide to run. Erika thinks Meghan would undoubtedly work for the good of all if she had a position in the American government.

With all of the experience that Meghan has gained by being married into the royal family and her business endeavors, which include her new American Riviera Orchard line, she has more than enough experience to run for the Senate.

Time will tell if Meghan’s dream of running for and winning a presidency will come true.

Prince Harry and Meghan receive thanks for their efforts in Nigeria

Meghan caused a stir when she skipped Prince Harry’s UK trip for the Invictus Games and met him to fly to Nigeria.

But good has come of the trip. A charity they support has mentioned the couple on X (formerly Twitter) to thank them.

Save The Children UK has captioned the post, “Thank you, Prince Harry and Meghan, for joining us in Nigeria to learn more about how we ensure children don’t just survive but thrive.”

Save the Children UK has served over 45 million children on its website. They offer food, medication, and education to deserving children worldwide. Harry and Meghan should be proud of themselves for helping this charity.

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