Meghan Markle launches a new lifestyle brand and fans are ‘obsessed’

Meghan Markle smiles for the camera
Meghan Markle has launced a new lifestyle brand and fans love it. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle has been teasing a relaunched lifestyle brand since last fall, and fans can barely contain their excitement.

The royal operated another lifestyle blog, The Tig, but shuttered it once she married her prince, Prince Harry.

Harry and Meghan have been trying to rebrand themselves since their royal split from King Charles and Prince William in 2020.

In recent days, Harry and Meghan have combined their foundation and business websites under one aligned name, Meghan has also retained a UK public relations expert to help with the rebrand.

According to the Daily Mail, the new brand is American Riviera Orchard, which could be a nod to the town Meghan and Harry moved to, Montecito, California.

Meghan also unveiled a new Instagram page with the same name and gained almost 400,000 followers in one day, which is a great sign of success.

Fans love Meghan’s new lifestyle launch, American Riviera Orchard

Fans of Meghan want to know more about this brand. Many questions need to be answered, such as what she will sell and at what price point.

The Daily Mail tracked down Meghan’s trademark application for her brand, which will sell “fruit butter” and “legume-based spreads,” among other items.

One fan could not stop asking questions about Meghan’s relaunch on X (formerly Twitter), saying she is “kind of obsessed!”

Another fan gushed over Meghan’s new project, writing, “The timing, the business, and how effortlessly it whispers wealth while being quintessentially Meghan, I love American Riviera Orchard.”

A fan of Meghan Markle posts on X
A fan on X posted they love America Riviera Orchard. Pic credit: @Sante_latte/X

Meghan is also filming a cooking show on Netflix

As reported by Monsters and Critics, it is well known that Meghan is a foodie, which is bearing fruit for her as she has a new food-related project.

In addition to her new American Riviera Orchard web store and online presence, Meghan will be filming a cooking show for Netflix.

An insider told Richard Eden that “Meghan is starting to film her Netflix show in a few weeks’ time. It will tie in with the American Riviera Orchard brand,” according to the Daily Mail.

Meghan is no stranger to cooking in front of an audience. Several years ago, she successfully filmed on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and shared a recipe for grilled Caesar salad with grilled shrimp.

A food show on Netflix can be the perfect vehicle for selling whatever products Meghan will showcase on her new website.

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1 month ago

An orchard!? Markle setting up for another flop. Tossing a bagged Caesar salad a couple years ago does not make her a chef. When will Netflix wake up? They have an imbecile producer who doesn’t know the difference between a draw and a drawback. There are a lot of talented actors looking for a break,. markle has proven to have no talent.