Meghan Markle laid flowers at memorial for slain Robb Elementary students

Meghan Markle memorial
Meghan Markle laid flowers at memorial. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle flew from Montecito, California, to Texas to place flowers at a memorial for the children murdered at this week’s school shooting.

Photographers caught Meghan’s every move as the casually dressed Duchess placed a bouquet of flowers in front of the cameras. 

Meghan is a mother of two and, like many mothers, could be feeling extra emotional about the unspeakable tragedy. 

Meghan’s voyage comes as her father, Thomas Markle, suffered a stroke this week in Tijuana. He was hospitalized after the medical event, and his other daughter, Samantha, had choice words for Meghan and called her negligent. 

Meghan Markle travels to Texas to place flowers at memorial for slain students

Vogue shared a photo from the moment where a dressed-down Meghan placed the flowers. 

Meghan wore a baseball cap on her head and cropped jeans as she crouched down, placed her hands on her legs, and looked at the memorial. 

The caption read, “Earlier today, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, traveled to the town of Uvalde in Texas to pay tribute to the 19 children and two teachers killed during the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. The attack was the deadliest shooting at an American school since Sandy Hook in 2012.”

As is typical with Meghan-related posts, the comments section was full of a lot of disapproval. One of the main points of contention was that Meghan allegedly flew from Montecito to Texas to lay flowers in front of cameras but had not visited her ailing father. 

This claim comes after Meghan’s sister, Samantha, said Meghan had not contacted her father after a pandemic, two heart attacks, and this week, a stroke.

Meghan Markle disapproval
Pic credit: Voguemagazine/Instagram

One commenter mentioned her personal life situation and wrote, “But still she can’t visit her OWN FATHER who had a stroke. He is still alive, go before you regret doing all for the paps.”

Meghan Markle disapproval
Pic credit: Voguemagazine/Instagram

Another commenter felt the move was disingenuous and commented, “Take a picture of me kneeling and placing flowers.” 

Yet another comment exclaimed, “For what reason? She doesn’t even care about her own family..”

Meghan Markle’s sister slams the actress for negligence

After news of Thomas Markle’s medical emergency and subsequent hospitalization, sister Samantha spoke out against Prince Harry’s wife. 

Samantha went on Dan Wootton Tonight, and she described the nature of her father’s health problems. 

She said, “Two heart attacks, a pandemic, and now a stroke. None of us have heard from Meghan — that’s negligence.”

At the time of this article, Meghan had not yet spoken out about Samantha’s claims or her father’s ailing health.

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