Mattea Roach snags 22nd Jeopardy! win — Here’s how much money she’s won

Mattea Roach during Final Jeopardy
Mattea Roach now has a 22-game winning streak under her belt on Jeopardy!. Pic credit: ABC

Mattea Roach has shown no signs of slowing down as she secured her 22nd win last night on Jeopardy!.

The 23-year-old tutor from Toronto has been dominating the game show and has earned herself multiple spots in the show’s Hall of Fame already.

Roach is currently fifth in line for most consecutive games won in the show’s history, behind James Holzhauer, Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, and the show’s current host, Ken Jennings. Jennings currently holds the title for most wins with a 74-game winning streak.

Roach won her 22nd consecutive game on Wednesday night

During last night’s show, Roach entered Final Jeopardy with a total of $28,400 in earnings and wagered $0 on her correct answer to The Civil War-themed question.

Altogether, she has earned a total of $534,984 during her 22-day streak – also putting her fifth in line for most winnings in the show’s history.

Roach officially holds the title of the most successful Canadian contestant to have ever appeared on the game show.

Watch Roach’s winning moment from last night’s show below:

How Mattea Roach stays focused during each show

In a recent interview with YES TV, contestant Mattea Roach talked about strategy and how she keeps herself centered during each taping of Jeopardy!, especially since many are filmed in one day.

“Before every game, I try to just center myself and think, okay, well what can I do,” she said. “Well, I can try to not be distracted by all of what’s going on around me except for only those things which are pertinent to me, which is, the clues, roughly how I’m doing in the game, but really it doesn’t matter what your score is in relation to the other players unless you have to make a wager and you have to think about the strategy.”

Roach continued to explain her own strategy that has made her so successful thus far, including getting her “timing down,” not beating herself up over answers she doesn’t know, and figuring out how to be faster than her opponents on the buzzer – all of which are in her control.

“As much as possible, I try to just drown out the noise by really zeroing in on the things that were in my domain and that I was able to control,” she stated. “I think it’s very practical.”

As the current dominating contestant on the show, Mattea Roach will be back on Jeopardy! tonight in an attempt to further her winning streak even more.

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