Mattea Roach thrills with 18th Jeopardy! win as fans cheer her on, defend her on social media

Mattea Roach on Jeopardy!
Mattea Roach officially secured her 18th consecutive Jeopardy! win on Thursday night. Pic credit: Jeopardy!/YouTube

Mattea Roach was on fire Thursday night as she locked in her 18th win on Jeopardy! and extended her current winning streak on the show.

The 23-year-old is officially the most successful Canadian to compete on the program and is currently 8th in line for most consecutive wins in Jeopardy! history.

Although the competition got closer towards the end of last night’s show, Roach’s large Final Jeopardy wager secured her the win with a total of $42,001.

Her new total earnings on the show have risen to $438,183, which is now the sixth-highest amount in the Jeopardy! record books.

Mattea’s fans cheer her on for her Jeopardy! winning streak

As the show’s current dominator at such a young age, many have taken to social media to cheer on Roach from the sidelines and say how much they are enjoying watching her.

One fan tweeted, “Mattea Roach is the best #jeopardy champion. We all love her free spirit & intelligence. She has the best reactions. Go all the way Mattea!”

“How can you not love Mattea Roach. At 22 winning #jeopardy one after another. Not like IQ tests where you get choices. She is too fun and that time frame when realizing yeah am so smart #Mattea #mattearoach,” one Jeopardy! viewer wrote.

“#Jeopardy Mattea Roach is a #GOAT in my book, when she is surprised each night when they announce her total winnings, her smile, well it even makes me want to be smarter!!!”

One fan posted a caricature of Roach with the caption, “Im watching the #MatteaRoach run on #Jeopardy. So amazing. How does someone know so much??? Keep going! #RealJeopardyChampion.”

User @iheartedmonton also chimed in to ask her followers a question – “Anyone else enjoying watching Canadian Mattea Roach kick a** on ‘Jeopardy?’!? #Jeopardy.”

Mattea Roach on being the most successful Canadian contestant

Recently, Mattea Roach was interviewed on Good Morning America to share her winning experience on the show thus far – especially as the most successful Canadian contestant in history.

“To get to represent Canada on the Alex Trebek stage means a lot. As Canadians, we’re so proud of our home-grown celebrities who’ve made it big in the US,” she said in regards to the show’s former host.

Trebek, an Ontario native, became the face of Jeopardy! in 1984 for 37 seasons before sadly passing away in 2020.

“It didn’t occur to me as I was taping these shows that I had become the longest-running Canadian, but I’m really honored by the support that everyone across the country has shown me. It’s so meaningful and it fills me with so much joy,” Roach continued.

Roach also said that her life has surely changed since being a contestant on Jeopardy!. As a recent college graduate, she plans to one day go back to school for her Master’s Degree but is taking life as it comes at the moment.

“Jeopardy! has shown me unexpected things can happen so I’m trying to be open-minded about what might come next,” she said.

Fans can tune in to Jeopardy! to see if Mattea Roach will continue to move up on the show’s leader board and carry on her current winning streak.

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1 year ago

There is something very off-putting about her although her knowledge is definitely impressive. I sometimes wonder if she’s an Android. Her little wave during her intro (always at the exact same moment every night) and very strange reaction whenever they announce how much money she’s won seem so programmed.

Barry Carter
Barry Carter
1 year ago

She comes across as very natural and unaffected to me. The flip she does with her left hand and the way she occasionally pushes her hair back with her right seem to be part of who she is. For a young woman of 23, she’s very impressive. ????