Maren Morris seemingly shades Jason Aldean in new music tease

Maren Morris and Jason Aldean on the red carpet
Maren and Jason are beefing. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia/Carrie-nelson

Country singer Maren Morris appears to be taking aim at Jason Aldean and his controversial music video for Try That In A Smalltown.

There’s no love lost between Jason and Maren, who has been feuding with Jason’s wife, Brittany Aldean.

Taking to Instagram today, Maren teased new music she has coming out while also coming for Jason.

In the IG post, Maren shared a video of a small town with a billboard that read, “Welcome To Our Perfect Small Town From Sundown To Sunset.”

There was also a picture of Maren in her 2016 CMA Awards dress, where she won New Artist of the Year. The photo was seemingly another dig at Jason because he didn’t receive a single nomination that year.

“I’m done filling a cup with a hole in the bottom,” was the caption on the post.

Maren Morris fans react to her Jason Aldean shade

The comments section of Maren’s Instagram post was flooded with replies that are here for what Maren has coming.

Singer Brandi Carlile was one of the first to respond, writing, “Oh it is ON 🔥.” Another is ready for Maren’s mission, while a different one called it her “PETTY ERA” but is also here for it.

One user joked it’s not a drill, and one called Maren “a boss and a hero.”

“Literally giggling and cackling over this,” read a reply.

Maren Morris IG replies
Pic credit: @marenmorris/Instagram

Other comments included, “This small town is filled with shade. I love that for us 😂😂😂,” “Maren coming to save us!!,” and “Oooooooh she cookin she cookin.”

A user told everyone to stay calm as Maren came out swinging, with another user simply declaring, “Mother is coming!”

More Maren comments
Pic credit: @marenmorris/Instagram

What is Maren Morris’ beef with Jason and Brittany Aldean?

In August 2022, Maren clapped back after Brittany made a transphobic statement with Maren referring to her as “Insurrection Barbie.” Brittany later called Maren a “lunatic country singer” in an interview.

The fight prompted Maren to create a new line of merch, with all the proceeds going to GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program and Trans Lifeline.

Maren also called out Brittany in an interview with The Los Angeles Times, declaring neither of them were victims. However, the country singer has no kind words for those who make fun of kids struggling with their identity.

Weeks after the feud started, Maren admitted she wasn’t sure if she would attend the CMA Awards amid the drama with Jason and Brittany, citing she didn’t feel safe. Maren ended up going to the show but did not walk the red carpet.

Maren Morris has a message for Jason Aldean, and she’s sending it to him through her new music.

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