Madelyn Cline on Outer Banks: 5 things you didn’t know about Netflix’s newest star

Madelyn Cline on the red carpet
Madelyn Cline plays Sarah Cameron on Netflix’s Outer Banks. Pic credit: © Imagecollect.com/ImagePressAgency

Netflix’s new teen series, Outer Banks, exploded onto our screens this month, exhibiting perfect timing with its binge-watching material.

Madelyn Cline plays Sarah Cameron, otherwise known as Queen of the Kooks. The 22-year-old star was cast as a rich kid who doesn’t feel completely comfortable with her social status.

Cline, who lives in Los Angeles, is originally from the South, having grown up in South Carolina. But what else do we need to know about the up-and-coming actress?

Consider these 5 things about Netflix’s newest star.

Madelyn Cline was cast in Stranger Things

Cline was in the first two episodes of season two of Stranger Things. She played Tina, one of the popular kids attending Hawkins High School.

Although she didn’t have a massive role in the series, she was notable as one of a group of girls who checked out antagonist Billy Hargrove when he arrived at the school.

Tina was also seen handing out flyers for a Halloween party she hosted for the cool kids.

Cline also played Chloe in Boy Erased and she was cast in The Originals, too.

Madelyn Cline is in lockdown with her castmates

She lives in an apartment by herself in Los Angeles, but luckily, Cline’s Outer Banks castmate Drew Starkey lives in a residence right above hers. Starkey plays Rafe Cameron, Sarah’s older brother.

Beyond Starkey, Cline states that other castmates are currently crashing at her place, waiting out the coronavirus lockdown together.

She said sleeping bags have been scattered about her living room floor with everyone there enjoying a Harry Potter marathon — so, as Cline puts it, “it’s just like a sleepover.”

This cast is clearly tight.

She started acting against her parent’s wishes

Cline’s parents were not keen on their daughter dropping out of college and moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. But she admitted to being unhappy at college, deciding to go with her gut by not finishing her formal education at that time.

She telephoned her mom to tell her she was moving. Although the thespian wasn’t asking for financial help from her parents, she still hoped they would offer parental support. Her mom agreed to her terms.

Her acting career sputtered at the beginning

Cline struggled to get her acting career off the ground when she first moved to LA.

Her early auditioning experiences were very discouraging. While her roommates were enjoying success, getting into lots of auditioning rooms and getting callbacks, she kept being passed over.

She says she became disheartened by the process and would have considered moving back to South Carolina if she had the money to do so. Thankfully, she stuck it out and found success.

Where to find Madelyn Cline on social media?

Cline has more than 200,000 Instagram followers, and her account is loaded with beautiful pics of her and her castmates working on Outer Banks. Find her account here.

Also, catch her on Twitter here @madelyncline for more Outer Banks gossip and current information about the actress.

No doubt, all involved with making and watching Outer Banks hope the show will be back for a second season. However, Netflix has currently shut down production on TV shows due to the coronavirus pandemic so no decision on that front has been put into place.

Season one of Outer Banks streams on Netflix.

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Ria Espinoza
Ria Espinoza
4 years ago

Hi M, I’d like to say, You & your cast did just a wonderful job in Outer banks, I’m crossing my fingers there will be many more seasons!

It’s a great series w/ true, actual life situations of teenagers & families some ppl don’t realize. It also shows examples of the “rt thing to do,” which is just wonderful for my 15 y/o teen to view, since they rarely care to listen to their parent, or some1 of authority most of the time.

Wishing u & the entire cast lots of luck, many blessings & be Safe.

PS: I really do admire you for going by your gut feeling, staying in California & sticking w/ it!