Mac Miller death: Drug dealer gets 11-year prison sentence

Mac Miller performing on stage
Drug dealer Ryan Reavis has been sentenced to nearly 11 years after supplying drugs that led to the death of Mac Miller, pictured. Pic credit: ©

The man who supplied the narcotics that led to the death of rapper Mac Miller in 2018 has finally received his jail sentence.

Ryan Reavis will be spending up to 11 years in prison because of his role in supplying Miller with the drugs that killed him.

In September 2018, 26-year-old Miller, whose real name was Malcolm James McCormick, was found dead at his home in San Fernando, California. The rapper died from a drug overdose after being supplied with fake prescription drugs that contained fentanyl.

Three men were arrested in Mac Miller drug case

An investigation subsequently led to the arrest of three men, who were all charged with supplying the drugs to Miller. They were Stephen Walter and Cameron Pettit, who was alleged to be Miller’s direct drug dealer, along with Ryan Reavis, who this week was sentenced to 10 years and 11 months in prison.

According to TMZ, Reavis was accused of supplying the deadly oxycodone pills to Pettit on the orders of Walter.

Last November, Reavis pleaded guilty to one count of distributing fentanyl. He had requested a prison sentence of five years, but the judge went closer to the prosecution’s request of 12 years.

Reavis was arrested two years ago in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The cops found a fake doctor’s prescription pad along with prescription-only pills, marijuana, and some firearms.

The drug dealer tried to get a lighter sentence by claiming that he was only a middle man and that he hadn’t known the drugs were fake and contained fentanyl.

Mac Miller’s mom said her son was ‘excited about the future’

At the sentencing, Mac Miller’s mom, Karen Meyers, told the court: “My life went dark the moment Malcolm left his world. Malcolm was my person, more than a son.”

Meyers added that her son wouldn’t have knowingly taken the drugs: “[Miller] would never knowingly take a pill with fentanyl, ever. He wanted to live and was excited about the future. The hole in my heart will always be there.”

Mugshot of Ryan Reavis
Ryan Reavis has been sentenced to almost 11 years in prison. Pic credit: Lake Havasu Police Dept.

The cases against Walter and Pettit are still awaiting an outcome. Walter has already pleaded guilty to distributing fentanyl and is awaiting sentencing. Cameron Pettit’s case is still ongoing.

In January 2020, Mac Miller’s family announced they would be posthumously releasing the rapper’s Circle album, which he had been working on just before he died.

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