Cameron James Pettit: Who is alleged drug dealer charged in connection with Mac Miller’s death?

Cameron James Pettit on Instagram.
Cameron James Pettit is charged in connection with Mac Miller’s death. Pic credit: Instagram/lil.cambam

Cameron James Pettit has been charged in connection with Mac Miller’s 2018 death — almost a year to the day since the rapper was found dead in his home with alcohol, fentanyl, and cocaine in his system.

Pettit was arrested on federal charges on Wednesday morning. He allegedly supplied Mac Miller with fake prescription drugs which contained fentanyl. Miller is said to have died after snorting fentanyl-laced counterfeit oxycodone tablets.

Pettit is charged with distribution of a controlled substance and if found guilty of the charges he could land in prison for up to two decades.

In the complaint that was brought, Pettit and others are alleged to have provided Mac Miller with several different pills two days before his death. The complaint is 42 pages long and outlines alleged conversations between Pettit and Miller, detailing which drugs he wanted and the amounts of each.

Cameron James is 28 and lives in Hollywood Hills. A Facebook page in his name describes him as an executive chef, however the page has not been updated in almost a year. The last update happened on September 22, 2018, just a few weeks after Mac Miller’s death.

Pettit has various photos of himself on his Instagram account, including both photos and others of him with friends. The very first photo is of Pettit and his mom on Christmas Eve in 2015.

Following the news of his arrest, there has been a lot of activity on his social media photos, especially from Mac Miller fans. The case against him is ongoing.

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