Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce weren’t included in Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ section and fans are upset

Luke Perry on the red carpet
Luke Perry was notable for his absence from this year’s In Memoriam segment. Pic credit: © / Carrie-nelson

Every year The Academy pays tribute to those famous faces who lost their lives in the previous year in an In Memoriam segment. It often courts controversy when fans believe certain deserving faces are left out of the montage. This Sunday was no different.

Luke Perry, who died last March, was seen by many as a glaring omission from the segment. Others were distraught at Cameron Boyce, who died last July at only 20-years-old, also being omitted.

Sid Haig and Tim Conway were two other actors notably absent from the In Memoriam, whereas recent celebrity deaths such as Kobe Bryant and Kirk Douglas made it into the segment.

The moving tribute was performed by Grammy winner Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, who sang a cover version of Yesterday by the Beatles.

The tribute featured many notable stars, including Doris Day, Peter Fonda, Rip Taylor, Peter Mayhew, Agnes Varda, and John Singleton, to name but a few.

Perry and Boyce were included in The Academy’s online gallery, which can be viewed here.

Luke Perry was omitted from the In Memoriam

Many folk on Twitter pointed out how it was especially ridiculous to exclude Perry as his last performance was in the movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The film was nominated for ten awards.

Many Twitter users have spoken of the “shame” The Academy should feel for having omitted Perry.

Luke Perry was best known for playing heartthrob Dylan MacKay in the 1990s hit teen show Beverly Hills 90210. In more recent years, he was known for playing Archie’s dad in Riverdale.

However, he did plenty of movie work too, most notably playing roles in 1992 hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 1997s The Fifth Element. More recently, he starred in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which picked up a gong in two categories this year.

Luke Perry died last March, surrounded by his family after being hospitalized from a stroke. It came as a surprise to everybody as the actor was only 52-years-old.

Many felt Cameron Boyce was also unfairly left out

How “dare the Oscars not include Cameron Boyce?” said one user on Twitter.

Some spoke of the huge impact he had on people’s lives and how him being left out “just felt wrong.”

Cameron Boyce was best known for his role as Luke Ross in Disney Channel’s comedy Jessie. He also starred in several films, including Mirrors, Eagle Eye, and Grown Ups.

Boyce was only 20-years-old when he died last July. He died following a seizure as a result of an ongoing condition with epilepsy.

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