Lovelylilac420: Who is the viral TikTok star?

Lovelylilac420 on TikTok
Lovelylilac420 is a new viral star on TikTok. Pic credit: @lovelylilac420/TikTok

Lovelylilac420 is a new and rising TikTok star who has been making waves on the video-sharing and social networking platform lately.

The social media star, whose name is believed to be Violetta Arianna, has been attracting lots of followers lately, thanks to her unique and creative content.

Her content ranges from videos in which she shares tips about beauty and fashion trends to lipsync, dance, and humorous skits.

People have been taking note of her presence on TikTok after her content started going viral on the networking platform with tens of thousands of views and likes. Many people who want to know more about her have been making inquiries online.

If you’ve heard about Lovelylilac420 and have been wondering why she is so popular, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here is everything we know about Lovelylilac420.

Who is Lovelylilac420?

Lovelylilac420’s TikTok profile page reveals that she is only 14 years old, which means that she was born in 2005 or 2006.

As of this writing, she has 57.5k followers on TikTok and 1.7 million likes. Her nationality is American.

She uploads videos about fashion and lifestyle. She shares fashion and beauty tips with her fans. She also creates humorous skits to entertain her TikTok followers.

Some of Lovelylilac420’s uploads to the TikTok social media page are lipsync and dance videos. Thousands of her young fans are enjoying and liking her videos. She has been attracting lots of followers lately due to the quality of her videos.

Lovelylilac420 is slimly built, is of average height, and has brown hair. She also has bluish-green eyes, according to Celebpie.

She has not shared much information about herself online, which is appropriate since she is only 14 years old.

However, this means that we don’t know much about her personal details, such as the exact date of her birth, her family, parents, siblings, where she lives, and the school that she attends.

We also don’t know whether or not she is dating.

However, a rainbow flag on her profile page for the TikTok platform has led to speculation that she identifies as a lesbian. As of this report, we are unable to confirm this speculation, though.


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Lovelylilac420 on Instagram

Several different websites give details about Lovelilac420’s Instagram page. Celebpie says it is a private page. However, HeightZone indicates she has a public page with over 3,000 followers.

If HeightZone is correct, she uses the name Violetta Ariana on Instagram, and this could be her real name.

She does not currently appear to be very active on that Instagram page. The page has only three posts and she has only 3,222 followers on the platform.

She last posted on the page on June 10.

She also does not appear to be active on Facebook or Twitter.

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