Love After Lockup star Lacey shares disturbing Instagram photos, leaves followers concerned

Lacey on Love After Lockup.
Lacey shared disturbing photos on Instagram. Pic credit: WEtv

Lacey from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup shared a disturbing photo on Instagram just before the new episode was set to air. While she didn’t elaborate on what happened, followers immediately jumped to conclusions.

The Instagram photo showed scratch marks and what appears to be a mark of some sort just above and the to the side of her breast. Lacey did not mention how or when this happened but used a captioned that insinuated followers would believe she deserved the treatment she received.

Shane is the man that Lacey chose on the last season of Love After Lockup. They ended up getting married and have been for several months now. Currently, they are airing on Life After Lockup. Their scenes last week were comprised of Lacey and Shane moving into a new house, and things weren’t going well as he continued to drink during the moving process.

Earlier this week, Lacey shared a tweet about domestic violence. This coupled with her recent Instagram posts seem to allude that things aren’t as settled as she had hoped they would be. While Lacey is still being coy about what happened in the comments, she did mention that “he” broke the door down. Is she referring to Shane or someone else?

Along with the photo of the scratches and the unidentified mark, Lacey shared a photo of what appears to be a piece of workout equipment that is busted up. While this was shocking to see, especially shared right before the new episode airs, some followers weren’t kind in the comments.

Comments from Lacey's Instagram.
Lacey says “he” broke down her door. Pic credit: @italian_queen757/Instagram

Right now, all that is for certain is that Lacey shared the photos and revealed in the comments that someone broke down her door. She also commented about not throwing the first punch. Until she is ready to open up, no one knows what the story behind the photos is.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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Dottie Allen
Dottie Allen
2 years ago

she need’s to stop running back and forth between 2 men …she play’s one against the other