Lil Nas X called out for ‘too much lip syncing’ at Grammys 2022, viewers underwhelmed

Lil Nas X performing at the Grammys
Lil Nas X has been called out for lip-syncing at this year’s Grammy Awards. Pic credit: CBS

Singer Lil Nas X has been called out by fans for lip-syncing through “too much” of his performance at this year’s Grammys.

The Atlanta-born rapper, known for his unique style and breaking boundaries in his music videos, was nominated in five categories at this year’s music awards.

Lil Nas X performed three of his top hit songs at the Grammys

After sparkling on the red carpet in an all-white Balmain two-piece ensemble, Lil Nas X took the stage with a medley of his three songs – Dead Right Now, Montero (Call Me By Your Name), and Industry Baby featuring Jack Harlow.

Before singing his song Montero, the singer also paid tribute to his “haters” by showing a screen full of negative commentary that he received for the song’s music video.

While many fans applauded the rapper’s performance and use of including his haters’ comments, most took to Twitter to point out the fact that Lil Nas X was not singing live.

Lil Nas X called out by fans for lip-syncing during performance

Twitter users have not held back when it comes to their thought on Lil Nas X lip-syncing his way through his “underwhelming” performance.

“I love love love Lil Nas X! A bit of an underwhelming performance with too much lip syncing for my taste, but he’s still fantastic. #GRAMMYs,” user @ForbiddenDisco wrote.

Comment on Lil Nas X's performance
Pic credit: @ForbiddenDisco

Another user similarly wrote, “I like Lil Nas X but there was something underwhelming about his performance…also his lip syncing was even more obvious that #BTS #GRAMMYs #GRAMMYAwards #Vote4GRAMMYs #RecordingAcademy.”

One user sarcastically wrote, “The lil nas x lip syncing is amazing. Is there a Grammy award for that?”

Tweet saying Lil Nas X was lip-syncing
Pic credit: @tinyriceball_18

While many users just got straight to the point with tweets like – “Lil Nas X was definitely lip syncing.”

Lil Nas X lip syncing tweet
Pic credit: @thatcrazycaniac/Twitter

“And the award for “Worst Lip Syncing” definitely goes to @LilNasX! He still did his thing, tho’! #yougoboy #GRAMMYs #GrammyAwards,” @Fitness_Fan wrote.

Worst Lip Syncing tweet about Lil Nas X
Pic credit: @TwlceGirl28

Kylie Jo on Twitter said, “Difference between Lil Nas X & the OG Nas… True rap artists don’t lip-sync. Please don’t come at me he was dancing- he was lip-syncing BEFORE he was dancing. I think at award show you should NEVER be aloud [SIC] to lip-sync. Ever. PERIOD.”

Tweet about Lil Nas X lip syncing
Pic credit: @kybieber

Overall, despite the eye-catching costumes and dance-heavy moments, many Grammy viewers and fans of Lil Nas X were not thrilled to see him potentially lip-sync his way through his 2022 performance.

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